Weekly Seasonal Watches: Fall 2021 Anime Season Week 8

AMAIM Warrior At The Border Episode 8

Read the collab episode review with Irina here: Link

Rumble Garanndoll Episode 7

That was a completely expected and yet unexpected episode. I did not expect our hacker girl Misa Kuroki to lock everyone out of the recovery room and show off everyone’s otaku habits through hacking. I also did not expect Hoshimichi to be a former pro gamer. I guess he really is hiding his true otakuness. But with that came some cool video game shenanigins with the other people.

The second half with Hoshimichi’s trip to Akihabara with other people. I guess he and Misa actually connected together through this trip even if it was pretty frightening to see what Akihabara became. Especially the otaku zombies. Seeing the villainess girl call a figure a girl’s toy and then being scared when its skirt came off was fun if a bit frightening as well.

So yeah, now Hoshimichi is caught in a chamber while the True Army is attacking and Misa must save him. All while Rin is doing her best in the Garanndoll unit. Didn’t expect a two parter but I think next episode is going to be fun. Uh oh.

The Heike Story Episode 11 (Finale)

Well, this episode was what we thought it would be. The slow and final end of the Heike at the hands of the Genji. The death of the emperor and all of the Heike as literal fate turns against them. All except Tokuko drowned and all the treasures of the Heike are lost at sea. The big reveal of Go Shirakawa not realizing how far his wishes would go cements this story as the lives of people are now turned into a tale that all well here. This was a great show and while episode 9 made have been a highlight, no episode was wasted. I loved all of it.

Sakugan Episode 8

I just…I don’t know what to say about this episode. While I understand characters at their low points and stress, but did this crew forget about the way these characters were originally written because this one felt bad and just out of nowhere for the most part. An alternate world even for these characters. I just..why did Zackletu have to be apart of Gagumber’s backstory? Why the explosive therapy that felt like it came out of nowhere? The biggest part was the end where Gagumber was treated like he died. There was no forgiveness here. It was all false. I just…I wish I could drop this show at all but I’m more then halfway through…

Komi Can’t Communication Episode 6

Well yeah, this was one of the comfy episodes of this show. Even with Yamai’s appearance still pretty prevalent in it. A lot of good 4-koma things from Komi’s dad jokes to trying out different outfits and even Komi’s hair cut that no one else seemed to notice. So obviously, pays attention to Komi the most and isn’t the one pushing her fetishes on her. Just nice things that Komi would actually wear and say even for his own uncomfortable-ness. So yeah, just a decent episode to relax too.

Restaurant to Another World Season 2 Episode 9

In this episode, the effects of the Nekoya have really started to be explored. Especially since all the food choices in the fantasy world continue to be pushed by its existence. The story of the girl who worked at a bakery when the twins, influenced by the Nekoya, allowed their bakery to earn profit by creating soup found the Macaroni Gratin and it will push her endeavors further though there is no creativity behind it. I can see why Star Trek has the prime directive in this instance.

And of course, this push improves when Fardania and Katy learn about fruit jelly and a mermaid who made her own visit to the Nekoya that long again. Its fun to learn how keep the influence of this magical artifact of the restaurant has and I think that is interesting to see how episodes continue further. Especially since this is the first episode that broke up the formula of the show by quite a bit. We spent less time in it and i want to see that exploration further even with all its comfort.

86 Part 2 Episode N/A


Lupin The Third: Part 6 Episode 7

This episode was a lot of simple fun, but fun regardless. At least to me. At least on an emotional level too. This is Lupin’s return to London after Albert’s scheme was killed off. Apparently Sherlock is back to larger cases (and we see one and that is pretty fun) and Lupin must seek out Lilly and her memories to defeat Raven. So yeah, some good talk between Sherlock Zenigata and Lupin while being hunted down by a sniper with a powerful air gun. I also dug how the companions on this case were drinking at the same time. Such an interesting implication for that.

Blue Period Episode 7

Oh man, such a relatable episode. I’m glad that Yataro’s one flaw was exposed. The fact that his motivation for art was so deformed by his own study and work on improvement that its not where it used to be. I love that the biggest friend who happens to be into baking and made it into baking school. That felt the most raw to me.

I also like that his friend and Yatora’s meeting wasn’t a fix but a band aid when Yatora has to do work himself. Especially since the height of the exams is here. Poor Yuka chan with an X on their portrait. I wonder what Yatora will do. Such big stress moving into next week. :). A good for for a show that explores the stresses of art.

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