Weekly Seasonal Watches: Fall 2021 Anime Season Week 9

AMAIM Warrior At The Border Episode 9

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Rumble Garanndoll Episode 8

Finally, good representation of video game beam spamming in mecha anime. Yeah, this was Misa and Hosomichi’s episode where the neet in the form of Misa finally discovers a link cable and that link cable is what defeats that strong turtle with missiles and lasers. The enemy was literally defeated with the power of button mashing by a mecha that looks like a cat underneath a kotatsu. The ultimate in neet combat. I loved that. I also love Yamada distracting the nemesis with his otaku ranting. Just a good episode all around. I really liked this episode if you couldn’t tell.

Sakugan Episode 9

All I can see is that I wish this episode appeared literally week ago. This is an episode where, once again, where Memempbu and Gagumber actually talk to each other and not just hate each other. Same with Memempbu finally realizing that she is a child after all her attempt intelligence of escaping as well. This was also a classic bit of fanservice episode as well so it worked in a lot of effects of Memempbu trying to see only what is immediately around here while everything else was different and calm despite how naked they may or may not be. Why couldn’t it be earlier? It was good. Now they are throwing in another plot where they don’t have to and its frustrating.

Komi Can’t Communication Episode 7

A good water park episode with Komi and everyone. Just a lot of fun and interesting things as well. Very well thought out for what it wants. Guys in swimsuits, girls in bikinis, with both riding rides with each other and such. Great for what it does and establishes for those things here as well. I wish Yamai wasn’t there…but you know…she wasn’t too bad here. Plus the chemistry building between Tadano and Komi continues to be good.

I liked everything that happened after the first half better though. I love the quiet conversation between Komi and her dad along the way to the library and how they visually communicated with each others through expressions and other things. I can also dig Komi doing cute things with Tadano just being there to see them for convenient reasons. I think the chemistry between Tadano and Komi is just good for it. Yeah, I had a fun time here all around.

Restaurant to Another World Season 2 Episode 10

A less stressful episode mainly from the formula of the show returning and having some bits of fun for it. Three younger adventurers meeting an older one when fighting wraiths and then enjoying food together was great. Especially if there was a grandfather and grand kids kind of dynamics. The more relatable portion of this episode with the young Demon Lord not being anything like her mother and then talking over it with a princess over a chocolate parfait felt the most relatable and interesting. Just good times all around here I think. 😀

86 Part 2 Episode 8

Honestly if waiting two weeks at a time for an episode that is just this good, I don’t mind it. This episode was visually impressive. So much great characterization from Ernst as the leader who would rather hold onto his ideals or die. Same with Shiro facing off against Kiri at the Morpho was great with their cast trying to bring them to normal. They really are two of a kind. I really did love the entire experience side characters included. It was directed and visually so great too. I’ll see more of it in two weeks. Look forward to it!

Lupin The Third: Part 6 Episode 8

While the focus was on Jigen saving Lily in some pretty great ways to push the plot forward more, this was an episode about Jigen and his gun that is falling apart against his rival, Roark. I like how the opening act set up the rivalry in a couple minutes so well that it carried the episode easily. Plus the quit nods and winks in this episode from Lupin and otherwise let us know what was going to happen or hint us in. There was a great car chase and gun fight in this episode that was well put together. Love it. More of this simple yet thoughtful stuff please?

Blue Period Episode 8

The first exam! This episode was just so put together for all the speed it put into it. Yuka-chan still has their own very thoughtful and realized for the matter of those things there. I like they figure out their own thoughts and experience later on. For Yatora, his one minor incident with a broken mirror led to his art piece that was very evocative and allowed him to pass the exam. That small period of time where his group went to the museum to create something. That was the last goodbye for the minor characters until the final three appeared. Very well put together and efficient episode here. Nothing felt rushed or out of place with good characterization too.

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