Blade Runner: Black Lotus – Episode 5

Last episode was a huge chess piece placing episode. Elle has her own flashback that creates or looks into her own motivations on her hunt and aligns herself with the mystery J. The L.A.P.D. start getting in motion when Davis shows all the data she found from Bannister’s death and afterwards. This episode some something different. Tons and tons of things and settings started moving with other things going into motion.

A Look At The Story

If there is something to be said about Blade Runner: Black Lotus, it’s very meticulous about how it goes about its story. It takes a while for it to do much other then having some phone calls to people here and there to have proper parties involved. The L.A.P.D.’s Police Chief Grant is involved with the Wallace Corporation and afterwards, immediately uses Davis’ information to move into Doc Badger’s shop. Yeah, that was something explosive on their end and it was kind of impressive. They did act like actual police officers by setting up their attack before raiding the shop. It really does make the world feel so believable.

On the end of that coin is Elle and J with Elle who couldn’t be more impatient then she is. I mean, there is a scene where she meticulously goes from J’s apartment of who knows how many alcohol bottles, finds a gun, and starts practicing using it. Of course, J does help go through the data from the killing and finds the three other people involved in her backstory. Doc Badger and Elle do go through the photos, but J puts him in the shop that gets raided by the L.A.P.D. because he is on Elle’s side after all. It feels like J is always ten steps ahead of everyone and that was shown here when he was captured so Elle could go on her assassination missions.

On a writing level, I think there was a lot of interesting stakes that were put into what happens next. I mean, a blade runner by the name of Marlowe was introduced in the beginning and he will play a bigger role in the film. I think the rookie Davis will play much more into the story other then just finding things out. Also, Elle was on her way to killing Josephine Davis or Chief Davis’ wife who was involved in the replicant murder. Just a lot of things to look forward to. This show really does meticulously work hard to make all the things make sense so its so good.

Some Visual Talk

There is a strong sense of reality put into this series that makes it so believable. Its not just how character shift weight or actually talk to each other. There is Elle just going through an apartment who is hiding something through drinking before finding a gun that tells you so much about J’s character without saying anything. Same with the slow use of camera footage to find the killers, the police chief on the phone of the head of the Wallace Corporation, and Elle sharpening her sword. There is so much believable things going on that helps the world feel so fleshed out without saying anything.

Then the visual effects besides that were really good even if they are cg. Marlowe’s quick scene in the opening on the bus up to him flying on his own car was so good looking to me because it fits the world of Blade Runner. Same with the L.A.P.D. office and their mobilization into the Doc Badger shop as they run into it in efficient manners. This is not a very action heavy episode because it didn’t need to be one yet. The best fighters have not done much in this one yet, but I am sure they might do that in the future.

Overall Thoughts

So yeah, I really liked this episode. I keep seeing the rating of this show go down and down on AniList and I am kind of shocked because this show is so good to me. Maybe it’s another one of those Godzilla: Singular Point things in that this show was meant for me. I don’t mind that at all. If its for me, then I will continue to enjoy it without worrying about anyone else’s opinions there. I love the world and the characters in it for the most part or how they carried it. I think episode 6 is going to be fantastic though and I hope that I am not wrong. We shall see when I write my report for next week.

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