4 Favorite Isekai Anime Series

I was tagged by Mallow on twitter to do this little favorite isekai anime thing and I decided that it would be fun. You can see his post here: Link. Most of my selections are a little older then one would expect them to be. Or not considering how my focus on older anime has been pretty prevalent in this blog post. There is one that maintains how good or interesting it is here just because isekai anime is a lot order then one would think.

One very specific selection before I get into anything here:

Have Not Finished Yet

Space Dimension Century Orguss

I wish I could add this one as a favorite, yet I can’t yet because I’ve only seen nine episodes up to this point. But, I really like it. It’s by a lot of the same production crew and studio that produced SDF Macross and it shows. Same character designs and similar animation. But the difference is that this is an isekai story.

A playboy ace pilot named Kei was transported to another world by a dimension bomb. He was picked up by a traveling group of Emaan because he is a singularity and he and that crew are being chased by the Chiram people who are at war with someone else. Very interesting world building and transforming robots. I hope it continues to be good.


Log Horizon

Yeah, I really love Log Horizon. This is a group of gamers that was brought into the world of Elder Tale which is an mmo. It has a lot of complicated world material in it and the characters grow a lot as they face all the threats in their world that are beyond the realms what the game usually entails. Lots of good characters and lots of exploring good mechanics. I’ve written about Log Horizon a lot and I’ve done that for a reason.

Vision of Escaflowne

The classic tale of a girl transported into a world name Gaea and is involved in a love triangle between Alan, a master of the sword and Van, a prince of a dead kingdom. I mean, there is other things like the exploration of fate, large worlds, and so any more things here as well. A great tale of Hitomi growing up and some very good mecha and fantasy elements with a lot of energy in it. I like all of that here.

Magical Knight Rayearth (S1)

A tale of three middle school girls transported into another world in order to save it. Or so we think. While the tale is a lot more for kids and is cartoony in a way that I love, this is such a good story. A very good story about these girls becoming the Magical Knights to save this world. A great story about bravery and love. Just so much great things in it. I will discuss this more…eventually….

I also really need to watch season 2 eventually too. It will happen at some point in the future. Yeah.

Aura Battler Dunbine

Yeah, this is the first isekai anime that ever came out. It is also written by Yoshiyuki Tomino himself. A very good and interesting tail about the merging of two worlds. A tale of a lot of things from growing up to corrupt people doing what they can for power to romance to so many other things. It is a Tomino story that has some fantastic world building. The story can take a while to start up, but it really hits hard when it goes really hard in good ways. I love the mecha designs too. Just so many more things to like as well.

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  1. Man, I always forget that Magic Knights Rayearth is actually an isekai. It’s still one of my favorites of all time. And I’m totally surprised you haven’t gotten to season two yet! That’s when they get magical mecha!

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    1. Well, I did just finish season one recently. I am saving season one for some things…that will happen….

      Season two will probably be for the same thing the year after if I am still blogging by then….

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  2. I loved the first season of Log Horizon while the second one was a bit “meh” (speaking about the anime) and the third one was a bit too short.
    I started reading the novel to compensate the lacking of material from the animated series 😀 Have you read those?

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