Weekly Seasonal Watches: Fall 2021 Anime Season Week 11

AMAIM Warrior At The Border Episode 11

Read the collab episode review with Irina here: Link

Rumble Garanndoll Episode 10

This was a pretty good set up for the finale of this show. Finally, characters have their established fights in public and can have a personal connection when fighting each other. Its so sad to see Rin and Hayate pull apart after having a good date because I think they could be a good couple. Then there is the True Army dropping all of Akihabara’s goods dropping onto Akihabara itself with all sorts of classic otaku goods in it. I can dig that. Lots of great things.

The biggest thing that I like was Hosomichi finally revealing who he was. Especially with the reveal of hating his father who was behind so much creative works because he sucked. I liked that Rin was the who talked to Hosomichi and tried to convince him that there was something more when the guy never felt like he belong anywhere. Him riding into the sunset with the mecha in question to sell it to the True Army while all of otaku-dom is doomed is kind of a pretty great way to create tension. I like all of it too.

Sakugan Episode 11

Well, that was yet another episode I wish happened earlier as well. A very important coming of age and acceptance ad for our Memempbu. I mean, the episode is basically her and Gagumber running around with Diva Sina who loves painting while escaping the police. Plus they run into kids and even in this town of dreams, Memempbu most learn that not everyone is able to live their life they want to. A very simple and important message that needs to be placed or looked upon later.

Komi Can’t Communication Episode 9

Yeah, this show has been very comfy and just great to relax with yet again. I liked so much of this episode from the country girl thinking that Komi is the ultimate city girl while Komi faces her crisis in buying a Subway sandwich. I also like the small video game episode at Nakanaka’s house with the three usual people there playing together. Plus, Komi handing out handkerchiefs to show her establish a bit more confidence in talking with other people. Yeah, I just really enjoyed it.

Restaurant to Another World Season 2 Episode 12 (Complete)

This felt like a good way to end this season :). Especially with our Chef’s Grandma showing up after who knows how long to not only share how the restaurant has changed, but quickly share so much of its lore in a very visual way. Especially since she was sent to our world by demons and now, 70’s years later, she has a demon working at a restaurant. Some bits of racism are still there, but the change is good. The wedding feast at the end feels like fanservice for the show, but it is fanservice that I want because I like this small bit of characters even if I don’t know them. This makes me so happy just to say it all work out in ways that matter. I liked this season a lot.

86 Part 2 Episode 9

I feel like this episode would be a bit more effective if it came out a week ago, but that’s ok. The anime’s production crew probably needed some more time to rest. So yeah, that basically means that this was a talking heads episode but it was a very good one. Very interesting directional angles and choices, great way for Shin to be separated from the rest of the crew emotionally with damage for all of them and their mecha talked about. The Kiri and Shin forced starvation was more then earned. Same with the reinforcements that will eventually come. I really liked this whole episode :D.

Lupin The Third: Part 6 Episode 10

I thought that this episode be a little too overly pretentious at first with the meeting between Fujiko and that mystery blond person that doesn’t exist. I mean, the talk about what the mysterious person wanted Fujiko to steal from the start of evolution itself. The intriguing bit of Lupin and his gang slowly dropping out of the chase while the hacking and other attributes of the National HIstory Museum went on was interesting with Lupin’s appearance out of nowhere at the end being mysterious for a reason. The ending of this episode made it phenomenal.

Blue Period Episode 10

Well, that was a great personal experience. Much better then I thought it would be even with Yaku-chan’s gender being in question on some level. It was that time where Yatora finally discovered more about himself when he made a nude painting of himself. Yuka-chan did the same thing on their beach resort getaway. Though, Yatora’s infection has finally been getting into him. A lot of uh oh going on here. I think that tension will push through until next week.

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