Weekly Seasonal Watches: Fall 2021 Anime Season Week 12

AMAIM Warrior At The Border Episode 12

Read the collab episode review with Irina here: Link

Rumble Garanndoll Episode 11

This episode was obviously some slow build up for a reason, but it was very character focused in a way that I liked. I mean, this was Hosomichi and his manager taking their mecha to the True Army while the others work tirelessly to get him back. I love Rin in these past two episodes. She was the first girl and while the others are great, her motivation of keeping everyone going and eventually getting Hosomichi back to fight was great. A very true and good conclusion with Hosomichi and the girls doing a great transformation at the end to fight the boss. Plus, the reveal of the manager was excellent. I really do like this show a lot.

Sakugan Episode 12 (Finale)

Well, I think this was the best possible finale that this should could ever have gone for considering that it threw in random ideas and concepts towards the end. Calling Memempu a rainbow girl is really dumb and the concept of it is even more stupid as well. A lot of them are left in question. Up to the finale scene where the credits played over the anime in a good moment, there was still stuff to be considered.

But at the same time, there was an emotional conclusion. Gagumber taking Memempu back and making the last episode worth more then it could have been. Plus Zack and Yuri did some stuff too. It could have been so much stronger if there wasn’t a quick writing change direction in the middle, but the conclusion we got here was alright. Generally solid. I didn’t hate it.

Komi Can’t Communication Episode 10

Just more good fun bits here. The first half of this episode was a school festival arc and it was quite a bit of fun. Even the new antagonist like character, Netsuno, who wasn’t really but provided tension, until it was resolved in a cool and comfy way here. Then there was the student council paper arc with Onemine and then the sticker and arcade little segments. All of them very cute. I just like this show slowly bringing these kids together or genuinely good chemistry as well. Yeah, just a comfy episode.

86 Part 2 Episode 10 (TBC in March)

Well, that was a crazy episode that might as well be a finale. And when I mean crazy, I mean very good. What a suicide run and personal finale. Shin’s group members slowly dwindle down and are possibly killed fighting the legion until it is an encounter between Shin, Kiri as the Morpho, and Frederica itself. It was just a great way to end everything as the giant mechanical centipede was put to rest and we don’t know about Shin’s crew yet. But then again, I guess this portion needs an epilogue and I don’t mind that being three months from now. I’m happy with this finale.

Lupin The Third: Part 6 Episode 11 and 12

Well, that was a good two parter for Christmas times :). At least I think so. For now, the mystery of who killed Lilly’s father was revealed. Same with the reveal of what the post trully was for and so many other things. A lot of good car chasing and supposed three sided gun fights until the reveal of the Raven treasure of un-exploded German munitions that fell onto London. Plus, all the Lupin gang members got involved. I loved it. This felt like a good conclusion between Sherlock and Lupin, Lilly being called Watson, and even a young Moriarty. I don’t think we are done with either of them yet because we still have one more cour of story. Great! Fantastic! I want more.

Blue Period Episode 11

Even with Yatora’s condition getting worse, he still finds some way in doing his painting exam. A nude model and an object around the run. I like how they handled the nude model because she is clearly very well characterized for a person who hasn’t spoken and it doesn’t feel very sensual at all. Yatora did find his way after suffering through the first day because the finale of this situation really woke up everyone’s attention. The cast was well represented to with those who didn’t pass getting their moments of sympathy too with Oba Sensei. Great use of cast members too. The whole episode was just a well done thrill ride.

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