Dirty Pair January: A Mini Event

Hot Girl January!

This was something I originally wanted to do in December because Dirty Pair December is a thing. I did the daily episodic reviews last year on the TV series itself, but there is always more. I wanted to cover the original movies and ova series during the weekend of Urobuchi December. Turns out that is a lot of work. So here it is, finally covering these now that I have some more time to actually do it. It’s late, but it’s still Dirty Pair content and I think that in general makes it still pretty fun no matter what day it comes out.

There will be no Dirty Pair Flash this time around. Watching three movies and then a ten episode tv series was exhausting. But still, you can expect Dirty Pair Flash to be at least somewhat more prominent in December 2022. You know, unless I forget which is entirely possible. It’s hard to keep track of promises over such a log period of time.

Anyway, a Simple Schedule:

Third Week of January:

-Dirty Pair OVA series
-Dirty Pair: Affair on Nolandia

Fourth Week of January:

-Dirty Pair: Project. E.D.E.N.
-Dirty Pair: Flight 005 Conspiracy

Also: There will be some bonus posts on the Saturdays in random topics you may or may not expect based on Dirty Pair. Depends on how well you know me by now.

After this event, look for a special Mecha March 2022 announcement post for all the series I plan on cover the week afterward.

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