Fall 2021 Anime in Review

Ok, let’s get this post going. It’s the end of the Fall 2021 Anime season and while some shows have an episode left, I don’t want to leave this post hanging. Besides, I don’t think that my opinions at the unfinished shows at the point of writing this are going to change from one episode alone. You know, unless they are really bad? I can’t see that happening. This season of anime has been pretty good. There are a lot of shows that I enjoyed and even the bad ones didn’t turn out to be too awful or unwatchable. Yeah, Sakugan turned out to be ok despite taking a lot of turns its own little narrative structure.

Yeah, there are still some shows that are technically on going that I will just give a judgement here. 86 has its finale two episodes airing in March. Yet, I feel like episode 10 was a good conclusion for this cour and the rest of it will just be more epilogue. Not that is a bad thing but the product has been more good then anything. Then there is Lupin and well, there is always a second cour with Lupin shows. That is just how they work because Lupin can work with one cour but its not going to be and that’s ok. This season has just been fascinating in seeing when shows air when by what streaming

Still In Progress

Lupin the Third: Part 6

I like this season so far. It’s been a lot of fun and pretty personal. I was wonder how the lupin cast would react considering that Zenigata and Sherlock are both on the Lupin gang’s case and I feel in general that everyone has been included well. The Lupin gang are acting like themselves, Sherlock had a very interesting background and is the most mature version I’ve seen from him, and the mystery has been pretty intriguing. Plus, Albert from Part V is still causing trouble and that is excellent. Some of the side episodes haven’t been as good as they could be, but the general story has been excellent. I can’t wait to see what the next cour is like.

A Handy Guide for how I feel about shows:

Solid: Seasonal Favorites, Highly Recommend.
Good: Maybe not as high quality as the first category, but still pretty enjoyable.
Ok: What it says on the tin. Maybe preferable for those who are into the genre the show is from.
Bad: Iā€™m not even sure why I am still watching it besides maybe learning something from it.

The Heike Story

Based on Japanese literature tradition, directed over all by Yamada with Science Saru, The Heike Story feels like a modern classic anime in the making. Great direction and excellent story telling when a person remembers all the names really anchors this one in being very special series that every person should check out. Yes. Everyone. It’s one of the best series from this year.

Blue Period

This anime is another great series about art competition, self worth, painting, the value of art, and so many more things. This is the story of Yatora taking a chance and working his heart out in the art world to get into Tokyo’s Art Institute due to his families financial situation. A lot of great and simple characters along the way as well. I’m amazed at what this anime can do.

86 Part 2

Man, this portion of 86 is so much better then the first cour. I think the change of location and the lack of what feels like padding, even if it wasn’t, helps out the story. Especially with its cast still there being treated like people by the narrative of the story instead of being a singular group of people that are a blob. Having a more focused and well executed narrative helps the story a lot.

Rumble Garanndoll

My absolutely underrated show of the season. When faced with the value of entertainment versus the older ways of Japanese from WW2. It feels like a massive metatextual exploration from another culture’s being displayed through some character’s relationship with the media that they love or were involved with. Plus, there is some of the most creative mecha designs that I’ve seen in a long time. I think everyone should give this a try and see if its for them.

Restaurant to Another World Season 2

It is more Restaurant to Another World but with more world exploration in seeing how the magical restaurant has affected that medieval world and a good marriage plot connecting it all together in meaningful ways. If you liked the last season, you will like this one too.

AMAIM: Warrior at the Borderline

This is that mecha show which started out as kind of blah or mixed and all over the place into a mecha sow that actually became something by the end of its first cour. It took some short cuts with its characters and story to get there, but the end product has been very entertaining and heart warming in ways I didn’t expect. Its more then people thought it would be at the start is all I am saying. Even if some of the problems people thought were there are still in some ways.

Komi Can’t Communicate

I think episode 4 really pissed me off when I wrote the other post because I feel a lot better about Komi since this. It is still my comfy show and its gotten a lot more funny and relatable as time goes on. Inf act for all the fact that it has introduced and hasn’t explored yet, its just been a good time even with some of them being very hateful or angry. That one character I had a problem with has become a shtick character at this point and I don’t hate her as much because of her reduction in screen time.


Well, this show did find its footing eventually. I wonder about the behind the scenes production of this show because the first episode was great and then the show quickly decided to not do that and correct to another course that is so different. The result of that being these characters having an emotional conclusion with nothing the show wanted to do being resolved at all. Its kind of crap in that way and it just did what it could to finish up and it’s…well…a show that exists. I like it but its not a good and well thought out series at all.


Yeah, I feel like I said everything that I have to say. As I said over all, this season has been very solid over all. I liked everything that I watched to various levels and I think that is absolutely a good thing. Very strong season even if I didn’t think so at first or had no idea what I was going to really going to watch. I didn’t see Ranking of Kings yet and I feel like I am going to wait until that is over to start before diving into it. As for next season, I have no idea what I am going to watch. There isn’t a lot that interests me.

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