Blade Runner: Black Lotus Episode 8

After watching this episode, I really don’t have as much to say about it then I had with the rest of the episodes because there more interesting things to discuss about this episode from a meta perspective. This was a recap episode framed from Officer Davis’ point of view as she is interrogated. That means that about 75% of this episode is visually from previous episodes. I do realize that its been two week since the last episode and such but even framing it from a different point of view seems kind of ridiculous. It reminds me of those Wolf’s Rain recap episodes that each came from one of the four wolf’s point of view.

Those came about in an unplanned way considering the production issues of Wolf’s Rain at that time, but this one was obviously planned because it counts in terms of this show’s episode count. A thing that doesn’t happen with modern shows unless something is like Wonder Egg Priority. A show that had so much production issues that the team felt like they were being clever when literally everyone knew what they were doing. A lot of anime fans are savvy like that, but this episode had to be apart of the plan too considering how much production energy that must have been put into the show itself.

With this being a recap, the problem is how I think about it. In terms of the anime’s story, it feels like the entire show was halted for Officer Davis to be interrogated by this one who who clearly doesn’t believe yet. It’s frustrating to see the same things happen and talked about again. Yet, from a narrative point of view, I can’t see how Blade Runner: Black Lotus would have gotten her point of view otherwise. This is a character that has always been on the side lines and the ending of this episode where she and the investigator see the result of the Doll Hunt in the Nevada Desert and Officer Davis being put off duty for three months for BS reasons.

I feel like the ending partially redeems a lot of this episode as a result of that ending leading to her deciding to go on the case anyway. Especially since This doctor might have some sympathy for Elle and made be that beneficial third party factor which gets Elle out of danger facing the giant corporation of Wallace Corp. That and she is clearly pretty smart because Blade Runner: Black Lotus shows a lot of her experience in a visual way. I really, really don’t know how this show would have pushed her forward without this self reflection though. I guess this episode OK. Not a waste of time, but felt time wasting regardless. It can’t be skipped and yet it feels like it should.

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