Older Anime I Enjoyed in 2021

So yeah, here we are with more favorite older shows that I watched in a designated year. All of these are shows that I reviewed earlier on. I will not discuss shows that I watched and not reviewed yet, because that would spoil Mecha March 2022. Also, to make sure that Gundam doesn’t appear in this post, no rewatches. Yeah. All brand-new older stuff that I really liked and that’s about it. (That’s an oxymoron if you’ve heard one before.) It will be a very fun post regardless though, trust me.

Berserk (1997)

Yeah, I loved this series. It was one that I watched with my dad a little bit at a time very week. It was so worth it. The music and character writing of this show are impeccable as we discover more and more into the depths of the characters with some medieval combat and politics. Just so good. I can like and dig of that too. Yeah, just some good emotional times through out of it here.

Flip Flappers

Yeah, this was so much fun! So much chaos and wonder in the whole experience for all the matter regarding so many things. Just two girls traveling through different worlds gaining some chards for all the things at place here. So much great visuals with fight animation and one person’s final finally discovery for all the attributes of who they are versus their such controlled location as well.


Tomino’s wild west comedy mecha classic. Yeah, I honestly odn’t know what else to say about that in those regards. It is a classic and hilarious story with cool mecha designs that aren’t showing in a lot of places in mecha history. Plus tomino’s meticulous writing to make the world believable. I like it.

Macross 7

I mean, what else can you say about this show? It’s Macross 7. Rock music and mecha against space aliens. So wonderful of an experience of space exploration, some of the most metal moments possible and other things. I loved this show. Its so good even if it starts out a bit slow here. Incredible show that takes a while to build up for so many reasons.

If you are a fan of older anime and need some recommendations, here is a list for you!

Macross Delta

Yeah, the supposed Macross series that people seem to dislike. I really liked this one. It was a lot more like a gundam series with magical girl idols and transforming mecha, but I like it. So good and fascinating for all the things here. I think the romance centered around itself is great too. Yeah, I an look and dig all of that here. Just good all around even if the ending feels like a halfway point.


Yeah, I watched both the selector series and the Lostorage series of Wixoss last year after waiting for so long. I really liked it all the way through. Some good characteristics involving the rules involved in that here. I really like the characters too along with characters fighting for their ambitions and hoping not to fall down any holes here too. If you are in it for the character stuff, its good stuff.

Samurai Flamenco

I watched this show before it disappeared from Crunchyroll and its good. Really good compared to what people dislike about it here. Great exploration of hero aspects of the story through a lot of interesting elements in the story itself. Somehow, it all connects together for all of theie characters journey in a way that makes it feel complete.

Dear Brother

What a classic Shoujo tale. What a great girl’s love story about characters growing up and all the dark and empty ambitions for everything there. So many small elements of text and greed and so many things. It really is about elitism and forced attempts of people trying to be better when they aren’t. There is just a lot of good emotional stuff through out its entire story.

Megazone 23

Yeah, this OVA version finally appeared from my kick started purchase. I am so glad to have watched it. I loved the Macross styled Part 1, but the story and execution of part 2 was great. Part 3 exists also I suppose. A tale of love, space, mecha, the future of humanity, and so many things here.

Solty Rei

Solty Rei really does feel like a classic series from the 80’s brought in the 2000’s. This is the cute story of a robot girl and her adopted dad fighting for the future of humanity. So many good bits of emotional tales and other things through its run. Just good works and efforts for all the things this story wants to tell.


So yeah, these are the older shows that I enjoyed last year. These aren’t even all of them either. I feel like I watch too much anime sometimes and I think that is ok. More anime to color my experience through classics through most of it.

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  1. Berserk! I had to pause my re-watch of that because I started thinking of the mangaka and became so emotional. But this is a great list. Bookmarking for future referene! 😀 Hope you have a fun anime watching time in 2022.

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