Newer Anime I Enjoyed in 2021

This is the hardest list that I had to put together for all these concluding posts of my 2021 efforts and placements. Especially since when I am writing this post, I am still not done with this year yet so its hard to make some complete judgement yet. Still, here I am trying to make it work somehow. Yay Fall 2021 anime season not being done yet or having shows that were paused or delayed for one reason or another for relevant reasons. Also yay for shows just doing whatever they want to do as well when breaking the seasonal dynamic, which happened a lot in 2021.

So what is the deal with this list? Well, there are some rules:

-The first is shows must be finished or mostly completed in 2021 in count.
-No unfinished series at all.

Other then that, I think all is fair in the season anime game. The second rule is that there is no real order to this list at all. Yup. Enjoy my casual listing for 2021 here.

Back Arrow

Back Arrow was such a wonderful experience. An experience I didn’t expect to have in 2021 because between Goro Taniguchi’s direction and Kazuki Nakashima’s writing, the show was the late 2000’s experience I’ve been wanting for such a long time. Another quest that involves some complicated political mechanics, super robot coolness, so many great characters that grew on me as time went on, and even great cg for what this should did. Such an exceptional experience.


Talk about a surprise modern noir hit. I loved this show because everything in it felt earned or thoughtful. Every second of screen time mattered as we watched our Taxi driver slowly getting more and more involved with the world around him as he picked up more and more guests. The question of whether he could outsmart people or become somewhat normal was a huge thing and Iiked all of it. I think about this show a lot.


I wasn’t expecting what this show dished out. I wasn’t expecting to love everything this show gave out. Such a wonderful and unique little mecha group show with so many good mecha combinations and also villains that I couldn’t help but love in the end. It was so relaxed of a show that I forgot it was a super robot show most of the time and when the super robot stuff kicked in, it was kind of incredible. I love all of it.

Godzilla Singular Point

Talk about yet another surprise hit. This was the godzilla show that I didn’t know I wanted. So many interesting bits of philosophy and cool monster and other action there as well. The experience was very technical in a way that I like with a lot of homages from other godzilla verses all over the place. It was a one of a kind experience I wish I could see again.

Heike Monogatari

Such a special anime series I never expected to have. Especially one from Yamada with the source material from some very classic Japanese writing. It went by really quickly and it was a well realized and such a creative visual experience that I never expected to get to see here. I love it.

Megalobox: Nomad

I did like the original Megalobox a lot because it was pretty well realized modern take of Tomorrow’s Joe. At the same time, Nomad was a knock out all the way through. What a great character study on what fame does to a person and Joe himself. The fights mattered in the show, because we got to know about our characters too. This anime series was just incredible.

Getter Robo Arc

A bit of a self indulgent pick, but I liked my experience of Getter Robo Arc. It was such a decently put together passion project even if the visuals were lacking. Everything else made up for it and we got to see a new generation of Getter Robo characters face what the past gave them and stare the future in the face. Such wonderful pieces of insanity all around here.

Love Live! Superstar!!

I wasn’t sure what to expect when Superstar came out, but I loved it all the way through. It was very well thought out and only having five members of our idol group help fleshed out the characters much more then ever before. Combine that with some stellar singing and dancing sequences and it was such a experience that couldn’t be shown in a lot of other places.

Blue Period

As of the moment of writing this, Blue Period isn’t finished yet. But that doesn’t discount it as being one of the shows that I liked watching every week. This was yet another show about the creative process through painting and someone finding their passion into creating better and better art. Such wonderful and competitive experiences for when getting all of the art world itself. I like it.

Jujutsu Kaisen

This was the shonen battle experience I didn’t know that I really wanted until now. I was so burnt out from shonen battle anime, but this one was so good. This was one of the show that I loved digging into every week with great action and other elements there as well. Its hard to summarize the show in such short thoughts because it was the whole action package with characters and style I couldn’t help but love.

Yuru Camp Season 2

Yet more Yuru Camp with a little deeper look at our girls then usual as they find their own camping experiences. Plus the camping trip at the end was excellent. I don’t know what else to say other then growing pains and character elements as well.

Runners Up:

-Kageki Shoujo
-Mars Red
-Rumble Garanndoll
-Sonny Boy
-Magia Record Season 2
-Fruits Basket Finale
-SK8: the Infinity
-Hamefura X
-Restaurant to Another World S2


So yeah, here are my favorite anime series for 2021. Each of them are special and interesting in their own way. Each of them has some bits of wonder and exploration in them that I love. Some are a bit harder science stuff that are clearly only for people like me, but that’s OK. This is a personal list and that is the only thing that really qualifies an anime to be on this list of some kind. If you have some bits of similar tastes, then you will enjoy some or all of these anime too.

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  1. 2021 really had a lot of solid anime in it. Usually I wouldn’t have seen many of them yet since I’m typically about 2 years behind. That said, I couldn’t resist some of the really big ones like Megalo Box and Jujutsu Kaisen. Both were really solid for sure.

    For some others on the list I’m looking forward to checking out Dynazemon soon especially since they’ve rumored that big crossover movie coming up soon. OddTaxi also sounded interesting. I remember at the Crunchy awards where it debuted there were a lot of shots at it for that more stylistic trailer but sounds like it ended up being a good noir. I plan to see that one at some point too.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yeah, those are a lot of fun.

      Oh, it’s not rumored. There is an actual announcement for the day that it comes out…in Japan…

      Oddtaxi is a pretty fun special one that does so many cool things.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This post reminded me that I had Back Arrow on hold. I’m hoping to get back into that sometime this week! It also reminded me that I still have Nomad and the Fruits Basket Finale from last year too… so many good series to give a shot and so little time!


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