Blade Runner: Black Lotus – Episode 9

Well, I broke the format I was going for last time. Why? Because I didn’t really know how else to write about that episode. But this time? This time, we are back baby. Back in a less confused way. I am almost worried about what will happen in this show after all this one because it kind of feels like a climax. Or maybe not.

A Look At The Story

Not much to really say here. Most of the episode is focused on Elle taking out the Wallace corporation and finally Wallace Senior. She wore a black outfit this time compared to Wallace’s white. Plus, she fought against Marlowe once again before that. The real twist was Joseph helping here. Why? Well, I think it’s obvious that Joseph was talking to Wallace Jr or some one related to them. Maybe not. This show really hasn’t pulled any twists yet so a twist would be good at this point.

So, some obvious color symbolism this time. It wasn’t as obvious at first, but the fact that Elle wore a black outfit during the raid really just sold it as way too obvious. Especially with the go board between Jr and Sr and the final bit of blood landed on the board itself to symbolize it over. Pretty cool defining point. Especially when Wallace Jr finally says his good byes with his clear talks about nature itself taking their course and even the mentioning of the Tyrel corporation from the original movie. So yeah, some cool stuff there.

So what is left out in the open for the story to go forward? Where are Joseph and Elle going for now? What will happen to the Wallace Corporation now as well? Along with this bit of an blunder of a political drama from everything happening. Same with the former officer Davis in the mix too with her own investigations. Same with the relationships between the Blade Runner Marlowe and former Blade Runner Joseph whose on the run. I think that there are some interesting things at play here for the finale to dive into. Maybe one day, Elle can be considered human.

Some Visual Talk

A lot of great visual things in this episode. Some fantastic set pieces all around for Elle to climb onto, hang around with, and even destroy. It really does feel like such a large technological facility with lots of pipes and view drives and things. The fights in this episode were pretty fantastic too. Some really cool choreography between Elle and Marlowe with some pretty well done camera work. Same with that tense moment between Elle and Wallace Sr.

Overall Thoughts

So yeah, good episode. A pretty natural conclusion to at least the surface of the tension between Elle and the Wallace corporation. It feels seemingly dead now. Except its not. The show had so much that it can do after this then just set up Blade Runner 2049. Or maybe the show can set the case for that movie to happen in a good way possibly. Though, I want Black Lotus to have a more natural conclusion for Elle without any of that baggage at all. Still a good episode that opens some interesting things.

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