K Fate Discordia: You Can Choose Who Wins My Random Holy Grail War

I have been busy with a lot of things recently. Job hunts, working kind of, some educational stuff, watching anime, and evens. Yet, I’ve lived a larger life during real dark of the night I have become a master preparing for a holy grail war.

So here we are with that holy grail war in question. While my servant is currently not in contention in the fight itself, six other masters are. Please check out K’s post and help us who I and the others fight next if they survive. It’s an important conflict because it may decide the fate of humanity itself.

K at the Movies

I ask you, are you worthy to be a master? So umm I’ve discovered a little thing called the Fate franchise. Maybe you’ve heard a little bit about it. Most people in my position would just review and say how gorgeous Fate/Zero is, or write a thesis on how Shirou Emiya is the ultimate trolley problem of a character, or a Fate GO Waifu Tier List. I am not most people now am I?

Top 10 Sabers, NAH! Orchestrate a complicated collaborative fan-fiction that highlights my admiration for the world and character designs of the franchise as a whole….that’s more like it!

Welcome to Fate Discordia, an excuse for me to Google a lot of history. Fate is all about the master/servant dynamic, so shout out to my cool friends for being willing participants in my Grail War, their charming personalities add so much to these fun dynamics. There was…

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