Some Blogger Thoughts: The Lovecraftian Nightmare of the Internet

I feel like there is something that a lot of bloggers or content creators on the internet discuss. Or this could be for people on social media or knowing that something is immediately happening across the country or the world itself in an instant. Or people just randomly searching for your blog and then reading and discussing with other people or just writing hateful comments on whatever you post? Being connected to the internet is frightening and there is a reason why I see a lot of bloggers not having their blogs attached to social media accounts for a lot of different reasons. The internet has really created a modern Lovecraftian nightmare from just normal people.

So what does that mean for blog post? A lot of things. When first starting out or even know after posting for six years now, there is a lot of tenseness when scheduling a post or just hitting the post button. Even with no audience at all in the beginning, there was a certain tenseness with putting something online. The scariness of anonymity is crazy to think about isn’t it? You never know when a small number of words would upset someone that you didn’t expect and who knows will happen afterwards. I can see why some bloggers (and me too) try to find a balancing point when critiquing something because strong hate elements to create such a strong reaction. It’s a horrifying thing that you never know when to see or expect for all those things.

There is also another aspect of the Lovecraftian horror of blogging that needs to be mentioned. People are reading your content for one reason or another, but they will never tell you why or what they got out of it. There is also the question of who or what is a bit when they don’t make themselves known along with the question of whether they read your post without digging into something into it at all. The anonymity of the internet is kind of horrifying because besides some stats you can find on WordPress stats or the much more comprehensive google stats of what devices and operating systems saw your post and reacted to it. Even with that knowledge, you don’t know anything about the person reading and/or responding to your post. It’s really crazy to think about isn’t it?

When you consider that the history of humanity is self-made. Minecraft is built off the idea of human progress in the form of a sort of 3D Legos. That comes into the world of online blogging as well. We must create and work on our own blogs, write our own posts, and then put them on the internet for so many others to read them if they want to. The amount of time it takes to put a single post together can be exhausting and gaining any traction online takes a while to do something like that. Some blogs grow an audience faster then others and that is another part of the Lovecraftian nature of the internet. Not all Lovecraftian aspects of the internet must be a high level of horror. Love level are something crazy to think about as well.

So yeah, these were some of the quick and probably way too deep thoughts on some of the elements I thought about for a while since blogging or just tweeting something or just writing something. I think about this too hard sometimes, but that is about how I live my life sometimes. Or all the time forever you know? Thinking too hard is kind of how I live my life because I can tear down some elements of other things regarding that as well. The Lovecraftian nature of the internet is something that a person really shouldn’t think about and yet here I am thinking about it and lifting the curtain more then I should? It’s kind of crazy to think about all of those elements here. I should just stop now.

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  1. Not being able to judge the nature of a reader is a serious problem. Sometimes my desire to express the authentic me and my fear of negative reactions from an audience literally go to war with each other. I can’t bring myself to consider readers to be just numbers and easy come, easy go. If I could dehumanize all those people and not hold them in high value, life would be so much easier.

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  2. Sometimes I look at my stats and wonder about the people visiting my site, what they’re looking for and whether they were satisfied with what they got. It’s hard to tell because of the anonymity you brought up. I’m happy for that anonymity (relative at least) for my sake as a reader, but as a writer/blogger/creator or whatever we’re called that vast blank does bother me sometimes. Aside from the few people who comment on my blog, most of whom are fellow bloggers, I have no idea what my readers think of what I’ve written.

    Then again, maybe it’s better that way. I’ve seen enough writers, video makers, and streamers with big readerships/viewerships get taken down on Twitter and Reddit for one thing they’ve said that might have been misinterpreted. Sometimes people should be held to account for what they say or write, but at other times it feels like the mob mentality takes over.

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    1. There is definitely a danger in making a bigger splash online. But yet we want to get bigger audiences sometimes, right? It’s fighting concept regardless so it’s hard. Probably shouldn’t think about this…

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  3. It’s always fascinating to think about… in small doses. I’ll never forget my friend found my blog. It wasn’t a secret but they were like ‘OMG! This sounds like us!’ (It was in referance to a concert recap I wrote), and I had to break it to them it was in fact, us lol. It’s always been a curious thing to know the when and where certain things overlap.

    I do always worry about the horror of a post that I didn’t do my best on being some of my highest viewed. Another level of horror lol.

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  4. Loved this post! Yes, expressing your self and your opinions in any public medium can be really frightening. It’s like you are lowering your social shields and putting a great big target on yourself, and that can be really scary because not everyone out there is going to be nice to you. I used to write novels and short stories, and I remember every time I would release a new update to my latest project I would call it “Throwing it into the gauntlet” because I knew I would have to listen to at least a dozen people tearing all my hard work and emotions to shreds. It was not fun! But at the same time there are lots more people out there that really love original content and honestly want to support creative people and they are the ones that make all this worth it!

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    1. That does sound pretty frightening. Pretty are critical online which is good and bad for their own reasons. Glad you found some enjoyment from doing that. I hope that people on the other side don’t forget you or all of us think that we are people too.


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