Why It Is Important to Read Other Blogs

So here we are, another short post to end this blogiversary week. I think that this is the most important one. I think every blog writer should at least have a passing familiarity with other people’s content in some creative ways. I am trying not to say this in a self important way to lift myself up even if it might end up being or feeling that way as I type it. I really think that it is an important thing to take some time out of your day, maybe half an hour or so, to read other people’s material. Especially since there is a small life time measurement for blogs themselves. As some of us have noticed, it is easy to think about the idea of creating and writing a blog, but hard to continue doing it for an extended amount of time. Not everyone has that gumption and its sad to see such great bloggers disappear when they just got started.

So the obvious reason at first is to support other bloggers younger or older. A person starting out a blog sometimes has some opinions that they are going to gain traction very quickly and then start flowing in followers and attention while the reality of the case is that it almost never happens that way. Some blogs do take off ridiculously quickly and gain all the traction they want but its very rare. The rest of us have to work from the ground up for a long time until a following appears. So, searching for other blogs to read and follow everyday at least gives them some sense of an audience behind their words. A little fire to keep them going and writing in a time where that wouldn’t happen otherwise.

A lot of the time, a new anime blog starts following me and I follow back to see what they have because I want to at least be one person that reads their content as little as that really counts in the end. Maybe it’s a big enough change for attention and maybe it isn’t. Its hard to really tell with everything that goes on with the world around us. One small view might not be enough to change anyone’s perspective. Then again, it might be able to change someone’s entire world. Give a person a spark to keep going when they don’t have that energy anymore. So yeah, read other blogs for this and create a community. Having that community in the first place is great for building any sort of support network.

The next reason is a little less obvious or maybe its about the same level of obviousness. It’s seeing what other content creators are doing and getting influenced by them. This is the same thing as watching some television program or youtube video that you want to replicate in the form of an anime blog or something else. There is that idea of “I like what they are doing” and then trying to do that in a similar yet different way for blog. It isn’t exactly like a copy and pasting job because it’s an influencing thing. The way one person writes is never going to be the same as how another person writes. Not even twins will write anything the same way even if they have the same experiences through out their lives. That’s how human minds work.

In a lot of ways, writing blog posts are like a conversation with other bloggers. Some blog posts are obviously influenced by other people’s posts in good ways or some are just direct responses in some very cool and innovative ways. I think that is what is the best part about blogging. Either corrections or the continued conversation off of one post that moves onto another post in some pretty interesting ways. No post is going to take up the same spot as another post and that is why all blog posts that are written are important in some way. Not just for views, but because of how only one person can create the blog posts they can create and there is only one way to find out who does that and how. Reading them online and supporting your fellow blogger in anyway that you can.

Now, I know that there are some bloggers that don’t follow other blogs, don’t communicate with the community they are apart of, and just write and forget about the sort of responses they get. I can get that. I mean, I can imagine what it is like to come home from working 8 hrs, probably watching or unwinding with something, and then writing about it. Include meals and sleeping and other social interactions and that is a full-time life. No one can blame other bloggers for doing that because of how busy people are and we are mostly anonymous people who know each other through screen names and the identities we want for ourselves. I get that. But if you can, please read what other content creators are doing too for your and their growth.

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  1. The last bit describes me pretty well: some nights, it’s a toss-up between crashing in front of the TV, curl up with a good book, toally pwn Halo or blog, and there’s barely enough time to fit in checking out what’s going on in an active and friendly community.

    That being said, I do make a concerted effort to at least check out what’s out there, acknowledge it (or reply to it), and of course, anyone who replies back to comments will see a response from me so we can keep the conversation going.

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    1. Yeah, I feel that busy-ness a lot. Or just general feeling of wanting to do a lot and then looking at a schedule and seeing that its not possible. Always hard choices to make.

      That’s a good way of doing things. I do take a while to respond to other people’s posts sometimes or other people’s comments but I do get around to it eventually.

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      1. Replying to comments is one of the best ways to let readers know they’re welcome, and while I’m not the fastest responder in the world, I similarly try to make sure everyone’s heard 🙂

        Regarding choice, I hear you: some evenings, it’s “advance a post forward or be lazy and go watch Forged in Fire“!

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    1. Yeah, I feel pretty bad too for not reading as much as I used too. Lots of things to read from other people all the time and its hard to really keep up with everyone and newer bloggers and such. But it’s still pretty fun.

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  2. Yeah, as a blogger you get so much more out of the experience if you connect to the blogging community. I mean that’s half of the fun of blogging! I personally love reading other people’s blogs. I see the blogs I follow as like members of my anime club, each blog with it’s own point of view. It’s not just a great way to be influenced but also it keeps me in touch with what happening currently in the anime world and what everyone else likes, dislikes, and news that maybe I haven’t heard about yet. I spend more time reading blogs than I do actually blogging. Maybe that’s not a great ratio, but it keeps me happy!

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    1. Yeah, exactly. Being apart of the blogging community is fun because I think answering someone else’s posts by writing your own makes a pretty cohesive and interesting experience that we can all get something out of. I do need to spend more time reading posts then I do, but sometimes I get so busy…

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  3. I agree with a lot of this. I’ve only been doing this thing for about a year now, so I’m fairly new in my mind still, but I’ve unfortunately already seen others disappear, some that even started after me. It’s not an easy thing to do and takes a lot of commitment, but having support from the community definitely helps. I know getting that first follower gave me a lot of validation and motivation to continue doing it. We can’t control how much time and commitment people have, but we can support them, which makes a hell of a difference.

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    1. Yeah. All newer bloggers need to know that people are looking at their posts on some level. Had the same bit of experience on my end too when I first started out until I found a community for it. Some have gone away, but that is just the nature of it I suppose.

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  4. I wish I could do more — check out new blogs, post comments more often, etc. When I first started, reading others’ blogs was about an hour or so a day. Then my list kept growing so much that I was staying up late just to get through it and sometimes still coming up short. Obviously, that wasn’t sustainable, especially when more and more people weren’t putting that same effort back to the community at large. But I try to pop up here and there as much as I can.

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  5. Content oversaturation – I believe that’s the term people have made for it. There’s too many creators in the world, now there are enough platforms to potentially give everyone a voice in whatever medium they choose, plus only so many hours in the day (even if you have insomnia to last you until the next morning), so you have to be wise with what you consume.

    The internet also makes you really aware of how you present yourself to people, too. Not just in branding of yourself, how you’d like to be treated (including even maybe what pronouns you use) and your blog, but how much you reveal about yourself, whether you’re oversharing and so on.

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