Some Blogger Thoughts: Is it Clickbait or is it Something Else?

I have to say something that is probably bad on some level, but I am not a fan of numbered lists. That is a personal thing though. If you can kind of notice something I posted last week, I didn’t give any specific number of how many anime series or movies or anything that I was posting about. Part of that was because I didn’t know how many series or movies or anything I was going to put it. Another part is that putting any numbers feels a little too cliché or clickbait to me. I just wanted to share some anime stuff that I enjoyed from the year without that number and hope it got attention. Numbers work, but it feels a little too easy to get any attention.

Before I dive into it further, I don’t mind other people doing list posts at all. Especially if that is your style of blogging because there is no set way of blogging. Write what you want to write and that is the end of that story. I see so many interesting and comprehensive list posts on my reader’s feed every day that I enjoy looking and diving into them. There feels like an innovative look or thought into making such a wide variety of them that at some point, innovation comes from it. It’s just that something like that is not something for me at all here at all. Hope you enjoy that work at all.

In all those posts I’ve written which are not as defined lists, I still must play a similar game online. There is a need to get attention from an audience somewhere to read a post in question. Especially since a lot of my posts are shows that people may not have ever heard before. How do you get people interested in checking out a post about a series in that specific scenario in one sentence or less? It’s hard. There is so much thought that goes into the detail work of writing a simple title of any post to even draw a person into it. There is still that bit of clickbait present that drives a blog into functioning. Or is it clickbait if you are delivering on that content promised. It’s a bit of a complex thing regarding that right?

Then there is the branding issue too right? I know this is an obvious thing for a content creator to say or think this, but the presentation of how to sell a post to other people takes a lot of work. That means creating the very image that makes people want to click on it on top of a title of the post or video or whatever. There are a lot of websites that use an inappropriate tittle for an article to get a reaction out of it when the article itself is something much more calming. Or the article itself is completely nonsensical and mass produced for clicks and money. There is always that unknown in other people’s content. I feel like the level of passion in personal blogging never goes that direction because there is so much more honesty in blogging because its more personally controlled instead of being a money producing machine.

So when it comes to clickbait and the blogging world, I think we are just slowly becoming masters of handling rhetoric and advertising. I think that is the true reality of how we as bloggers grown audiences and exists. Whether that comes from branding and existing for a long time or conquering an image in such a quick fashion that people end up loving them so much there. Or it could be that some people are so good at writing blog posts that the posts themselves sell everything it wants to say or do in that case. We all capture that image of how we want to present ourselves to the audiences and slowly refine that image as we go along. It’s kind of amazing to think about isn’t it? Or does it sound hard? Maybe it is hard, but we are doing it at our own pace and that is kind of incredible because it takes a lot of hard work to gain any of that value there for it all.  

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  1. Everything comes down to this: How do you connect your post to the people who would like to read your post?

    If a numbered list helps your readers find you, then I don’t think it’s really click bait. Or it might be, in the most strict sense. But the connotation of clickbait is that it entices people to click on something they might not otherwise click on. Using a numbered list, if it gets your material in front of people who would enjoy it, isn’t something I’d call click-batiting. I’d just call it effective.

    I had (and have!) a hard time teasing apart effective marketing from sleazy marketing. That’s not marketing’s fault, as a discipline. It’s how some services have rewarded sleazy marketing. But the principles of effective marketing are still solid, and their goal of connecting content to interested consumers is still a good one.

    So if a list helps you get your material in front of folks who use it, cool! In fact, this season, I’m running an A/B test for Princess Connect! Re: Dive Season 2. I have my standard review format and one that lists my 3 favorite moments. I’m going to do my best with Yoast for both, then in a year or so, I’ll look back to see which did better.

    I hope that makes some sense!

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    1. “But the connotation of clickbait is that it entices people to click on something they might not otherwise click on.”

      Exactly! As I often say, words mean things. And clickbait is one of those words that has lost it’s meaning and is instead used merely to be (mildly?) derogative of stuff the person using it doesn’t like.

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