Sasaki and Miyano Episode 2 – A Big Red Cat

Hi Irina. I hope that your week has been ok. I’ve had a little bit of a slower and yet busier one somehow? It all started with a booster shot which put me a little bit out of whack for the beginning of the week, but I feel like some good things might be happening on my end soon which I am pretty excited about..

I’m still stunned that it’s 2022. It still feels like 2020 because not much has changed and the world is still in the state that it is. At least the snow has gone away for now and it’s become a little clearer than usual. How was it on your side of the world this week?

It’s getting cold up here! Like not really cold, I think it’s still colder than most years but colder than it has been up until now. I tend to spend most winters with my nose clogged so I’m enjoying that right now. Not complaining though. I know it could be way way worse!

So, let’s talk about this adorable couple that don’t realize it yet. Sasaki is such a sincere dork. I really seeing him being all so gushy. I mean, he is supposed to be a thug right according to some people? Yet, he has one of the cutest crushes on Miyano and it’s kind of adorable. 

Sasaki is a loveable dork and that makes the show extra cute. By the way, I have been meaning to ask. Did you watch Horimiya last winter?

Oh, I did watch Horimiya actually. Had a good time with that one even if I didn’t connect as well as I could have because it felt a little bit rushed? In general though, that was another adorable couple.

I’m just asking because there’s something in Sasaki and Miyano that just keeps reminding e of Horimiya. It might be the music or the calm pacing maybe. The way the characters are all loveable dorks… I’m not sure exactly but every time I watch an episode of Sasaki and Miyano, I think Horimiya for some reason. I was wondering if I’m the only one.

OH, I see. Yeah, I can kind of see where you are coming from. It does feel like there is a bit of a connection between the main couples of both series in a similar way. Still haven’t met all of the side characters in this show yet but they do capture that similar energy with one another. Maybe some of the art and art direction are similar too? Both seem very flowery. 

Good ‘ol shoujo anime!

But getting back to the show at hand. Yeah, Sasaki is in fact rather sweet and not very intimidating for a thug. There’s this whole subplot where Miyano is in fac a huge Otaku with all the stigma that comes with it but it’s really all in his head. Like no one treats Miyano badly because of his interests but he still gets embarrassed by them. 

But at the end of the day, the only difference between him and “normie” Sasaki is that the later isn’t embarrassed. Maybe because he’s too clueless to be embarrassed. Or too smitten!

OH yeah, Miyano seems to have a block between the BL he enjoys and the reality of the world around him at the moment too. Little does he know that Sasaki isn’t playing any games and has a sincere attraction to the little dork. Or maybe he does and the way he is hiding his BL from other people is tying into him trying to push Sasaki’s feelings aside.

Sasaki on the other hand does seem pretty clueless I suppose. Or maybe he is slowly picking up on more of that. 

No way! I just can’t imagine Miyano having caught on. He’s still not able to process anyone else shares his interests, let alone having someone interested in him! Although it could be subconscious.

Ah, that’s fair. Maybe he is too wrapped up in his own world then.

Here’s a random tidbit. Have you ever tasted Men’s Pocky? It’s the ones Sasaki got to play the chicken game that supposed to be popular in his class. Yeah, right! Didn’t see anyone else playing it…

Oh, I have not. Imagine if they did play the game in Sasaki’s class and they started to almost kiss to kissing each other? What a school, huh?

I have in fact tasted Men’s Pocky and I think it’s a scam. They taste the exact same as regular pocky. They advertise them as less sweet because apparently Japanese men don’t like sweet things for reasons. But in practice, I dare people to taste the difference.

I was really glad to see Miyano call them “sweet”. It was a nice moment of honesty! I was surprised they did that. I figured it would hurt chances of future advertising deals with Glico but there you go. BL anime standing up for consumer rights!

So, I’m going to out myself a bit. I feel like a fake otaku because I haven’t had any pocky at all before. Even at conventions where they sell them out more. I know they are snack that a lot of people enjoy, but they felt a little too expensive for me to just while there were other snacks I can get. That and I live in an out of the way area. 

Oh wow! I hope the masses don’t come for you! 

Pocky are actually super common here which is odd. I feel like we have access to much less products than the states. But I have about 5 varieties in my neighbourhood grocery store and over a dozen at the chinese grocery. They are some of the cheapest cookies up here,

If they do, that’s fine. Still have to find me first which gives me time to run. But yeah, I live in a small area that is like a suburb away from the city. There is no pocky around here at all.

I have faith in your ability to stay ahead of the crowd! Also, this review seems to have gotten away from us a little bit.

Ummm, oops. 

Ok how about we talk about the post credits scene. Because it was the most out of character moment we have seen so far. I took it to mean that Sasaki was earnestly trying to deal with some jealousy issues. Even though, Miyano getting tons of chocolate for St-Valentine’s as part of a class event doesn’t seem like a big deal.What are your thoughts Scott?

Oh, that got to me too. I didn’t expect that at all and I was kind of blown away by it. What an eye opening scene that so many people would probably skip out on. Does that mean he’s been cheated on before? Though, his family was kind of shocked by how he was acting too so there is a lot to dig in there. 

And he himself seemed to be trying to figure it out. Hwe wasn’t explosively angry or crying but obviously deeply bothered.  

Aww young love! 

For real though, right? With that the quick red cat trying to capture things in the background like Sasaki was trying to express his love to things that keep getting away, there is just a lot of honesty for Sasaki put out there in this episode. I also loved that bit too. It was so cute. 

I loved the cat so much. It was such a fun scene with them frozen in the hallway. Good call!

I’m stll enjoying the show. It’s a light and sweet little break on Sunday afternoons. I hope you are as well Scott!

Oh, I am. It is that nice light break I need to return to normal after watching a couple heavier and dramatic shows on this same day. It’s also just super cute.


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