Dirty Pair (OVA): More Lovely Angel Adventures

Following the Dirty Pair television series, there was still more access to some good Dirty Pair episodes out there. Especially on Nozomi’s YouTube channel for free. All of which is a good thin considering that I think Dirty Pair works a lot better in television format then in a movie. I say this after watching all of what is available out there for these movies. I do think that these girls are good for so much action movie applications, but movies only set in one location for an hour or long really feel empty because of how vast the universe of dirty pair is. Not my complete opinion of those films I have and haven’t looked into yet, but it is a trouble they must face. Unless a Dirty Pair movie is like a James Bond film that happens in multiple locations in a place’s universe, then it just doesn’t hit like it could.

All of which leads into what these ten OVA episodes are like. Ten episode that involved the Lovely Angels getting involved in conflicts and stories that are from all over the universe of that story. There is no location that Kei and Yuri will dive into to create chaos or solve it then cause chaos. I love how their job label under the 3WWA called “Problem Solvers” is basically a license for some very cool set pieces. Set pieces that carry a lot of incredibly unique stories that can go from simplicity to some complicated science fiction stories to chew on to just fighting for employee rights during a riot against the larger business that would otherwise not appease anyone.

Some other stuff that gives this Dirty Pair Ova series more intrigue into watching is learning more about the 3WA itself through by seeing Problem Solver consultants going AWOL or problem solvers from years past still in the 3WA helping the two out. I mean, the woman from Kei and Yuri’s past showing up not only creates an intriguing episode because Kei and Yuri must confront their past, but we learn that there is an academy that these girls had to pass to get their. The casino episode featured a male 3WA agent who went AWOL due to an addiction to gambling. An added stake to a hilarious episode with a ridiculous gambling system. There is a lot of interesting flavors to episodes featuring these which make them wonderful.

If you want a specific example of them, the first episode involves the Dirty Pair joining into stop a space prison riot. I still think of some of the coolest scenes in that episode which involved Kei and Yuri surfing in space towards the prison on some galactic ocean waves of death while other people are space sky diving into it to their doom. That was the first episode and its just so visually distinct and interesting to see. I like how the situation gets worse on the inside due to the complete asshole of a prison boss who simply wouldn’t leave. Or there is the Halloween episode which features Kei and Yuri trying to stop a terminator robot that is lose in Kei and Yuri’s city. Solid episode all around, but the ending of that one with the fire works is still something that I think about.

While these girls are not as focused on in slice of life moments, they are still wonderful and given their time to shine. Something which not all the movies can do in equal amounts considering a longer narrative compared to a shorter and episodic narrative. Kei is still the more tomboyish one who takes on more of the actiony moments versus Yuri being the brainy ones who comes up with the plans to carry them forward. Of course, they are both very in the moment people who don’t realize what destruction they leave behind in the end of an episode during the inevitable conclusion. The two really do work well with each other and show a lot more kindness or even thoughtfulness compared to even a lot of the television series.

I think there is a lot of visual explosions and sakuga in this OVA series versus the original television series. I wonder if that is because of the bubble economy of Dirty Pair being on a higher level then when the television series came out or the fact that it is an OVA series versus a television series. Besides the white bikini uniforms that both characters wear black and white uniforms compared to every other edition of Dirty Pair where Yuri wears a yellow bikini and Kei wears an off white one. The action scenes in this OVA series are just so cool and the amount of used future locations that the girls travel is far more detailed for all the science fiction coolness to add to the whole experience of the OVA series itself. Its just so cool to look at.

With all that data and thoughts, while I loved the television series a lot, I had just as much fun or even more watching these ten episodes of the OVA series. It was just more Dirty Pair coolness and that it all it needed to be. I feel like the episodic nature of these episodes allowed a lot more of Kei and Yuri’s personality to show through the experience of handling a wide variety of situations. The situations in these episodes were so unique and just a lot of fun to see occur. I love episodic anime because it allows these things to happen just for them to happen in our character’s daily lives instead of just being attached to another thing that will develop a story further. Non episodic anime is not bad at all, but I think they miss a lot by having everything in them serve a singular goal or plot. So yeah, solid experience here!

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