Blade Runner: Black Lotus – Episode 11

Well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised anymore. I do like this show but its gone down some pretty basic anime like paths. but the intrigue up to episode 10 was great. Especially since this led to the quick downfall of a conspiracy network that want to destroy Replicants or make them like lambs for humans to control. Something which makes sense considering how the OG Blade Runner turned out. Well, I guess I will have more to say later on in this episode.

A Look At The Story

The first part of this episode focuses on the death of Niander Wallace Sr. A man who the news sees as a great man, but we know him as a horrible robot racist with a devious son. So yeah, his son Wallace Jr. takes power over Wallace Corporation for his obviously evil deeds. There is some learning about the background between Joseph and Jr in how Elle was used as the instrument to bring his father and all the other officials in the Doll Hunt down. I see why Joseph still can own his apartment because he was never out of work. Also even if Jr’s plan was based on chances, he did set a lot of things into motion and had everything planned since the beginning so I guess he’s smart. You know, even if he’s the insane type that wants to start a new world.

Either way, this is suppose the episode of a parting of ways. This is the last mission for Joseph who is tasked to get rid of the murder evidence and retire Elle. Same with Joseph and Wallace Jr.’s working relationship. Of course nothing goes to plan as Elle and Joseph move to get Elle’s memories erased and then moving her out of town. That is of course right after Joseph reveals everything and even gets officer Davis into the mix to arrest her. Something which is consistent with Joseph considering that he has a lot of empathy for replicants compared to most of the cast.

What drives this episode into being interesting is how its a bit of a chess board set up once again. The game is obviously Joseph versus Niander Jr. Clearly since both characters are smart and know how the other will act. That’s the only reason I find the obviously evil Niander Wallace Jr. Tollerable. Even if Joseph feels like he betrayed Elle, there is a good enough chemistry between them to feel something there. I do think that the white dressed replicant versus Elle fight is a bit cliche, but the text around it is so interesting. How will Officer Davis change things? What about Joseph himself. This is the a decent and real feeling examination of human nature.

Some Visual Talk

I don’t have as much to say about this episode on a visual level. Its very small scaled with locations we’ve seen before and characters we know. Joseph’s apartment again and the chamber to get Elle’s memory erased is the same one was last time. There is some good and natural visual direction though that makes the show flow pretty well. The ending scene with the new replicant did add a lot of intriguing elements for the episode itself. You know, other then just being a pure murdering machine. The ultimate face off occurs soon and this fight is probably going to be hype.

Overall Thoughts

Over all, I think this episode was pretty good. I do not like change the world evil geniuses like Niander Wallace Jr, but at least he is actually somewhat smart. He could make his plan to make the world perfect happen if he’s not stopped. So there is some intriguing elements to him that helps make him at least a little different. Especially with the chess game currently in play between him and Joseph. Plus, Elle is such a relatable character no matter what decisions she makes. I honestly can’t wait until the next episode to see how this plays out.

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