I Like Being Comfy When Watching Anime

I was originally going to just comment on Lita’s blog post that you can find here: Link, but I figured this would be a fun topic to discuss with more people. Especially since the way that I used to watch anime and how I watch anime now have changed greatly. I may even have some weirder or unconventional ways in how I watch anime compared to some other people perhaps. Or maybe I don’t. This is a great sort of post to see this and maybe we will understand each other a bit more by how we watch anime.

I usually watch my anime in three sorts of ways for their own reasons. So I guess this is where I hint about how I watch anime in more detail. Like why I don’t usually gather screenshots from the anime that I watch. So yeah, let’s do that.

1) On a Television Screen

One of my current favorite locations that I watch anime on is on my bed. Why? In my room I have a television screen that isn’t that far away from my bed. It’s old enough to not be a smart television screen, but I have a chromecast device and a PS4 so I can watch shoes from a lot of steaming services from my phone or watch whatever anime I want to watch from my way too many discs that I am running out of space for.

Somedays, I don’t get out of bed for a while because for a while because I watch anime on it that television instead of starting my day. Or I will take a nap and then watch anime immediately after the nap when I feel much more refreshed. Either way, it is a place where I can just lay back and watch the seasonal and new to me anime that I can watch an easier capacity. I don’t want my anime watching experience to be difficult.

Then there is living room which is also pretty comfy. There is a pretty nice smart TV there and a blu-ray player too and that is the second comfiest place for me to go to watch series. It is a location that is more open and not as private, but that’s ok. Some times in the evenings and the mornings. Dad and I have special times and days that we watch anime together because he is an aniem fan too, so going downstairs makes it a joint watch and I like it.

2) On My Cell Phone/Mobile Device

I feel like this take is a little off putting to some, but let me make my case for it. Imagine if you are on a longer vehicle ride or in somewhere that you have to wait for a long period, what can you do? Watch anime perhaps? I mean, especially if you are in a closed off space in which you don’t watch some riskier stuff. Recently, I watched an episode of Orbital Children on my phone while I was waiting for my order at a restaurant. My Dress-Up Darling isn’t going to happen.

It hurts that during this time of an employment crisis that it takes a little longer for things to come out that there is more time waiting for things to happen and this is how I draw my attention away from the situation at hand before I get my number called or the food arrives. It feels like spending my time doing something that I like other then being frustrated is a better way to go. Especially since anime is becoming more popular these days, there could be a good start of a discussion with other people or something.

I mean, I’ve done this at an anime convention too in 2019 and that feels like the prime location to just sit down and watch the anime that I want to watch while eating lunch or going somewhere else. I downloaded the episodes I wanted to watch on my phone for that day due to Wi-Fi in that conventional area was horrible so I had my seasonal content for the day. That was when the reboot of Fruits Basket was coming out and that was noticed and it was a lot of fun.

3) On My Computer

These days, this is last location that I watch anime. Not because its bad, but because I’m not in college anymore where this was the primary location of me doing everything in my life now. I mean it, I used to watch anime on my computer all the time a long time ago and I just can’t do it as much either. While it is still easy to watch and dive into anime these days, using other methods is just comfier.

So that’s why I don’t grab as much screenshots as I can otherwise. Not a fan of sitting straight up and just sitting in front of my computer as much anymore to do anything besides something that I am writing (like how I am writing this thing right now) or anything else. What I’m saying is that it feels like work. But in those cases where anime doesn’t appearing on my mobile apps for chromecasting to a television screen, then it will be on PC and I will check it out there because it will mostly be there for some reason. So yeah, that’s the tower.


I think that these days, anime has become large enough to watch it in the same way as literally every other piece of media out there. I mean, Netflix acquiring anime shows that changing of times where its just easier to watch it without even thinking about it. The fact that I am watching Den-Noh Coil on Netflix says everything about that fact right now.

So I will copy how Lita ended her post, but how do you watch anime these days? Are you one of those PC watchers or are you diving into the concept of watching on your television screen?

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  1. Hmm, I think my favorite place to watch anime is in the den. There’s a big comfy couch to flop on and a nice big TV. The one drawback of the giant den TV is that I have to share it with my roommate that isn’t an anime fan. Next up is my big computer in the office space. The monitor is nice and big, but if I’m in the office space, I should probably be working rather than watching anime. And last is my smaller computer in my room. The only drawback it has is that it’s screen is small. I don’t watch anime on my phone ’cause the screen is too tiny and I would have to hold it, and then my arm would get tired. Bottom line, I’m too lazy for that!

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  2. I know the feeling. I like to relax and watch anime on a large TV screen, there are very few series that I will go out of my way to watch on a small computer monitor (ahem, Detective Conan). πŸ˜…πŸ’¦

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  3. I have this AniList reply, which hasn’t changed all that much: https://anilist.co/forum/thread/27072/comment/730646 There might also be a blog post on it too, but I forget…

    That said, I do sometimes buy discs and then use the TV to watch them. I do – very rarely – use my phone for watching anime, typically when doing chores (I think I watched half an episode of Given while out and about around when episode 9 aired), but the vast majority of my anime is consumed via PC streaming.

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    1. Laptop is still solid as long as its comfy. I can’t say that watching from my desk which is where my laptop sits. Especially when that is where I am where I do some work. Don’t want to play in the same area that I do work.

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  4. Although my fave place to watch is on my TV through a PS4, I find myself watching more and more on my phone these days. Lita’s post kicked off a really interesting discussion, and I’d be curious to see who all responds to it!

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  5. I loved that you just did your whole post on this πŸ˜‚ best kind of answer. I enjoyed reading yours and how before you even get up out of bed it’s about watching the anime. I honestly might try that since I do get up so early at the moment see if that gets me out of bed sooner πŸ˜‚

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    1. It would be a long comment otherwise.

      It can be comfy sometimes to just wake up and watch anime. Sometimes you forget things about getting dressed or normal human activities though.


  6. I definitely watch most of the anime on a TV. I’d say about 80% on the small TV in my room. It’s the most convenient for me but once in a while if I can I’ll watch anime on the big TV ( Maybe 15%) in the living room with the fam. Mainly that’s just DBZ, Naruto, or any other show that we all watch as a group. They don’t watch a ton of anime so it’s rare but always fun.

    Final 5% would be on my phone but so far that’s exclusively been for rewatches. When I just want to watch some episodes from my favorite shows I’ll just pop it open and watch while in bed or something.

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