#MechaMarch2022 Announcement

Hey everyone! Welcome to another announcement for the staple Mechanical Anime Reviews event of the year! Ready to talk about mecha anime series for an entire month? Well, mostly mecha series. One is a tokusatsu series that just was turned into an anime and one is an off shot of transformers. You will know what those either with the series when I list then down below. But other than that, everything else is mecha anime.

Yes, I am breaking my own small rule once like I did including Cyborg 009 into Mecha March but I am not going to break my rule of no Gundam again. Yes, Gundam X was apart of this event two years ago. I broke that one because no one ever really talks about Gundam X because it is one of the redheaded stepchildren in the Gundam universe that almost no one has watched. That is why I felt like it could fit into the event. Yeah, I’m no longer doing that. I think all my selections are great because I enjoyed all of them.

The reason why I do this event is that it’s usually my break month. Somehow, I was able to write every post for March ahead of time and that allows me to either just not blog for a month so I can relax or go into a slower blogging mode and I don’t have to think about it as often. This year, I am going to be thinking about the content I put in after the event because while I will still be blogging, I want to slow down a bit more. I think the SEO beast got to me and I need to blog less. I Will see how I feel about this at the end of March.

This year will be a little different from the past two years. I had some community questions that worked very well in 2020 which is why I did them in 2021. The fact that there was such a huge diminishing returns to that happening. To push those off and possibly bring the community questions back next year, I’m just going to bring up my own topics and you can answer those if you want to. Those will be the weekend posts of this monthly event which will appear on Saturdays. Some of them will cover why I put rules in place while some are some interesting discussions that I want to write about.

Anyway, I should probably cover the series that put into this month. Let’s do that. Here we go.

Mecha March 2022 Review Schedule

First Week of March
March 2nd: Voltes V
March 4th: Brave Exkaiser
March 5th: Weekend Post 1

Second Week of March
March 9th: Zambot 3
March 11th: The Ultraman
March 12th: Weekend Post 2

Third Week of March
March 16th: Magic Knight Rayearth S1
March 18th: Tetsujin 28 Go (2004)
March 19th: Weekend Post 3

Fourth Week of March
March 23th: Doamygar D
March 25th: Robotics;Notes
March 26th: Weekend Post 4

Fifth Week of March
March 30th: Mecha Anime from 2021


I think that will about do it. Thank you to all newcomers and returners. I think we will have an awesome time this year. I cannot see why that would happen considering that everything is put together for this event. I’m glad that this has caught on with so many people in previous years and I want to see that happen again if it can. It if does, then I will write another thank you post that will recap everything that other people post in the beginning of April. That is an open invite for other people to join in on the fun. Please do it if you want to.

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