Blade Runner: Black Lotus – Episode 13 (Finale)

For now, the slower story comes to an end. Especially when it has an episode 12 that didn’t hit as hard as it could have. It had the right moments in it, but some characters could have been taken out of the story and nothing would have changed really. Was that supposed to describe or look into the futility of life or was she placed into the story just to be placed into it?

A Look At The Story

For such a larger finale, the show certainly had a very small scaled one. For instance, the main conflict itself was White vs Elle which takes up most of the episode. Also, there is the small bit of conflict between Niander Wallace and Joseph who is planting c4 in the replicant chamber. Both eventually leading to the encounter of all 4 of them in that final area. Where it all fully applies in the end of this moment of wondering whether Elle will escape her programming or not.

So of course since Niander Wallace is alive in 2049, he has to be alive here right? I mean, unless some heavy science happens in which he is resurrected. It helps that Elle can’t even hurt him. The one singular person that this angle of death can’t hurt on purpose. Of course which is played with slightly when Elle takes out his eyes in a quick draw after Wallace’s killing of the defeated White. Once again a moment that shows how smart Elle is before disappearing on a flying bike.

What makes the story sad is all the things that didn’t matter. Niander Wallace is still alive in the end with brand new eyes. So what if Joseph died destroying that chamber, it’s a small gesture that could be still rebuilt with the literal billions that Wallace is holding onto. The guy is clearly brilliant and calm with all the cards. Maybe that is what happens when a billionaire with all the control wins and everyone else dies. Elle is free technically, but she lost everything she gained.

That kind of logic continues with the reappearance of Alani Davis on a wheel chair to her police office. After all that trouble and being right all the time, maybe she learned something about knowing when to act and when to not. She rejoined the LAPD as a person who says she won’t cause trouble the say way she did anymore. In the end, that is what comes from the experience of the series. A losing battle that always played into someone else’s plans.

Some Visual Talk

I don’t know what else to say here that I didn’t say otherwise. There are problems with the show’s cg because it being closer to real life does make all the flaws more obvious. I don’t have a major problem though because this generally still looks good. The fight between Elle and White did last too long, but it did show how experienced in the world Elle is compared to the other one. Also, the chips shown on the blades that Elle and White used was an impressive detail.

Overall Thoughts

In the end, I really liked this show. It’s very 7/10 and I am sure that I will write a review of the entire show some time in the future. What makes it matter is that despite Elle playing into Niander Wallace Jr’s programming through out the show and him still winning, Elle did defy him once in a way that hurt him. She lost a lot, but she also gained so much just by gaining her own independence.

Elle is a fully human character and I hope she lives out her life the way she wants to. That’s all I need. I do have some problems with how some other characters are handled or are included in the story, but I never felt like Joseph, Niander Wallace Jr., or Joseph were out of place. Plus, this world is very much Blade Runner’s World with visuals and everything. It’s so beautiful.

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