Occult;Nine: Something About Ghosts and Extra Dimensions

So hey, its time to drop into a semi-colon series. This is my third one by the way. My actual second one will appear soon for reasons that you know of already and you all know what it is. I also think that sense most people have watched the most popular one, then you know what my first series is. Over all, I can’t really say that I love this series as much as other people do. Regardless of that, I think that I am showing you all generally how allergic to following any sort of order I am. I mean, I do go through series and review them in order when I watch them that way, but I am not doing that now. There is that feeling of rebellion in me against those who force people to watch things in a very specific order. Oh, I went of talk. Let’s talk about Occult;Nine. Yay mystery series.

Occult;Nine is a very interesting show. I say at a minimum level because its jut a lot of chaotic fun focusing on characters exploring the occult and deaths. The first episode shows all of the chaotic nature of the show in a manner that a lot of people seem to get confused by? I remember someone tweeting to me about watching it at half the speed and honestly, no. I can’t imagine people watching this show other then the way the production team wanted it to be watched. I mean clearly any anime series is always produced in the way the crew wants its viewers to see it. Also, the dub on this show is good and makes it a much easier watch. There is nothing hidden about this show from the get go from a blog about the occult to murders to characters following the premonitions presented to them. I like it a lot honestly.

So yes, this is a good and very well put together show that seems to follow a lot of the usual semi-colon conventions. Conspiracy, crazy plots, otaku-ism, and so many things that make it a complete package. For instance, our main boy Yuta Gamon runs an occult blog named Kiri Kiri Basara and is an otaku of all things. Who knew? He is also friends with a very well endowed and energetic individual who has an zappying gun. Both plot points for later on. Along the way, a very non believing guy hard scientific proof person and a popular fortune teller join them. It all starts with them slowly joining together and then a murder that our main boy finds at the end of the first episode. And the gang gets larger and more involved of solving it over time.

I feel like discussing the entire plot and its experience would damage the whole experience people would have with enjoying this one. At the same time, I find it very hard to write about too because there is a very large escalation. One plot element follows another which follows another and so on. A lot of twist and turns that is just full of insanity and I really love it. I liked watching one episode after another not knowing what to expect. There is a reason why I am a JoJo fan and loving my bigger watch through Saint Seiya Hade’s saga right now. The best part is somehow, it all makes complete sense even if it doesn’t seem that way at first. There is a lot of good build up in the show that somehow makes the experience completely believable and a lot of fun.

Plus, the characters are good and I like series where characters solve problems together instead of alone. I wasn’t sure about the cast at first, but they really are such a great time. I think the most boring character is Yuta himself, and yet I found him so fascinating because part of the story involved opening up his life and experiences too. It’s a very self reflected show that grounds the whole experience of the occult and its twist and turns through genuinely good character writing. The experiences that each of them phases changes all of their perspectives and allows our cast to grow even further. For a one cour series like this, I don’t think its possible to even ask for more then what its given. Occult;Nine is just very well put together and I really mean that.

Visually, I really do think that A-1 Pictures really knows how to put together a lot of good-looking series. Even series that I don’t like which are produced by them have such wonderful bits of animation and art direction even I there is some obvious faults that they fall into. But besides one specific character in Occult;Nine who is like that on purpose, I can’t say that about this show. I love all the distinctive character designs in this show. Even if I didn’t remember some of the characters names, I will always know who each of them is just by looking at their character designs. The animation and direction of the show of this very interesting mystery show that is full of all the tone and chaos it wants to look into and present.

At this moment, I am pretty sure that this is my favorite semi-colon show because it knows what it wants to do and does it very effectively. Having one cour allows the show to just do what it wants to do at a condense, but excellent pace. I love how Occult;Nine can go off the rails and yet feel natural as well because there is a very good emotional balance in a way that makes sense. I don’t know how it does it compared to the other two coured semicolon shows that I watched. Maybe I just feel like it all presents itself in a better way when it is one cour instead of two. It helps everything to connect it all together better for me or something? I really need to think about that a little more.

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  1. I didn’t watch the anime, but read the 3 LN volumes and I loved it. Yeah, there’s a bit much of ‘ohhh boobies’ from the MC, specially on the first volume, but they do tone down a lot on the other 2. I’m so sad there’s still nothing about a vol. 4, I might end up watching the anime just to experience that again from a different media

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  2. Oh man, I remember watching this show back when it was airing! At first I thought I would actually apply the 3 episode rule but I’m glad the fan service backed down after that initial episode. I really liked the premise and the twists and turns it took since it was just such a fun watch.

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