#MechaMarch2022: #MechaMadness Tournament Bracket Reveal and Contest

So here we go, here is the bracket of this up and coming users voice tournament:

The Contest:

So there is going to be a small bit of a contest as you can read on it here as well. Make your guesses on who will win the bracket and send them to me through my contact me page or dm me on twitter @MechAnimeReview. Go ahead and get it from this as well

The person with the closest guesses will get an e-gift card from Amazon of $30 :).

About The Way The Brackets Are Set Up:

So, there are some obvious reasons why I split Gainax/Trigger shows into their own bracket and then the Gundam shows into their own brackets too. All very intentional. I feel like having them just on the same playing field as other shows would knock down the rest of the shows because they are obviously the most popular shows as well. It’s obviously they would win in the end to me.

For the old versus new bracket, I did that because I didn’t want the older shows to immediately combat each other either. From the popular choices that I have gotten, it felt like it would be a hard choice for people to vote on in general for me because I like a lot of these shows. I don’t want to just have them fight each other. No matter how I arranged these shows, it feels like a hard fight regardless.

But either way, the set up of all of this was a lot of fun. Thank you for helping me put this together as well. It was a lot of fun and I hope that you guys enjoyed this too. Be prepared for a lot of things coming in the next few bits as well. It was all hard choices in how I arranged them along the way, but I try to do what felt like what was fair here. As fair as possible considering how there is always going to be some bias from me in creating it all. See you all along the way.

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  1. I definitely love a good tournament. This ought to be fun!Definitely can’t sleep on Escaflowne. Of course I know my mecha knowledge is lacking when I don’t recognize about half of these shows. Definitely gotta check out more Mecha titles

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