(Original Story) Arc Incidents 2: Chapter 1- Travel Again

Scott's Muse

Here we are, the first real chapter of this story. A very lame one in some ways, but important for establishing a lot of things moving forward. Especially with some foreshadowing.

You can also read it here too: Link

August 28th, 2840 AD: 4:35 PM CST, Noah 3 Lounge

Aside from the day of elections in Noah 3 City, the two weeks of vacation was an actual vacation for Charlotte and her crew. The captain herself spent time just sleeping, getting as massages as possible, enjoying some of the Noah 3 City life, and then sleeping again. It was a vacation that went by a little too fast for her, but then the time came. It was time to put on the uniform again and fly out to another solar system. The job was a specter always waiting for that to happen there too.

After five days into a 10…

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