Weekly Seasonal Watches: Winter 2022 Anime Season Week 7

Rust-Eater Bisco Episode 6

This episode was yet another solid one with a cast that I really like. For instance, Tirol (the pink haired girl) is back and Bisco and Milo found her while Milo was being trained with a bow to catch something. So obviously, they saved her and their world views are so different from each other that it makes for such interesting conversations. Two pure boys from two different worlds while Tirol just does the best she can to survive while gaining some great skills along the way. It’s very interesting in that way and I am glad the three had their conversations.

Then the action comes in to with a lot of Milo’s training coming into this after Tirol starts the train for the two goofs that are so good. Same with the two fighting Oil Squid in a dark train route that looked hard to look at, but it did look very interesting as well. Especially since they did get to where they wanted to go and now have to fight a giant creature to get the mushrooms to save everyone. Of course, the reappearance of Pawoo really adds some extra tension. I’m glad this show never forgets any of its characters either. Very good all around episode.

Teasing Master Takagi-san Season 3 Episode 7

It keeps getting better. Nishikata being excited to walk a dog and then pet it is such relatable content. Especially since it’s falling into some of Takagi’s schemes which are always good. I also like the bit of those two going school with each other where other couples are around and they end up doing homework. Plus the school girls with santa and gifts coming up or the lovingly crafted hand movements of Takagi make clothes for a dog with her hands. So much loving and calming detail into this show while also having all the cute moments there too.

Lupin the Third: Part 6 Episode 20

While Zenigata is locked in prison, this was his associates episode, Ari and Yata, to uncover who actually killed Hazel. Everyone is still locked up in Cotornica and these two go through a lot of good police work looking through files and photos. Plus, there is a small arc with Yata protecting Ari, who the later really doesn’t like at all. So Ari finds out that it is Mattea behind Hazel’s assassination (of course) and that ends up with Ari at least hurt if not dead. Man. Great episode to not only untangle the obvious mystery, but to get us into the mindset of Ari and Yata.

My Dress-Up Darling Episode 7

Another cute episode that shows how much working on cosplay and other things can help Gojo’s hina doll making. I mean, of course. It feels like every week, Marin becomes more and more of a relatable character. Especially since we see how much of an otaku she is from the way she is so excited about the shows she likes to not being as clean as we would think. Or maybe too clean when she has the otaku room with Shizuka everywhere. A cool date at Marin’s apartment watching the magical girl show that Wakana is starting to love too with her cooking dinner. Good times.

The focus on Gojou and Marin’s relationship with Juju and her sister is interesting. Especially since Gojou is just so good at making well detailed outfit that Juju was surprised by. Or the fact that the two are going to share studio space for photography. Or just how the younger sister in middle school is obviously the larger girl when Juju herself is such a loli. A very simple joke, but one that I just can’t help but enjoy. Especially since Juju’s sister is the master of photography and Juju just knows cosplay so well. Very interesting dynamics here.

Sasaki and Miyano Episode 7

Read about my collab review with Irina Here: Link.

Requiem of the Rose King Episode 7

This episode was a lot of things and I can’t say that it’s the favorite that I’ve had so far. But, it was pretty cool even if Richard was hurting himself by dressing like a woman through out it. That meant, from the young Lancaster boy’s point of view, going on dates that Richard clearly hated while on the way to Warwick’s home to break out King Edward while Catesby was watching. That lead to Edward being home and planning his revenge against Warwick while a lot was going on there in naming kings. No one sees Richard for himself and it’s pretty sad. I guess all he can do is wait out his time.

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 Episode 7

This is an episode still focused on the aftermath after the rumbling and the titans in the main city are gone. Annie is awake now and Hitch found her and is allowing her to escape. Especially since Annie is currently weak. Plus Gabi and Armin are going after Conny and Falco, Floch is having his reign in the base happen because he is the scum of the EArth, and there is a general Yeagerist uprising happening. It’s chaotic in the land of titan right now where the end might come anytime soon. So of course there would be a power vaccum with people trying to hold onto something. I just hope the people with the right morals survive this, but I don’t think AOT knows what those are. It’s going to be interesting to see where this one lands.

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  1. Yeah, I’m really having a great time watching Rust Eater Bisco. Just about all of the episodes have been surprisingly good. The concept of this anime is so weird, but it totally pulls it off! And that dragon thing at the end! Holy Moly!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s why I like it too. The world is so crazy alien in good ways that the show just really works in making it all a believable world somehow. It’s crazy in that way and allows the human drama to be actually human drama. Just very well put together I suppose.

      Liked by 1 person

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