#MechaMadness: Tournament Preliminary Results

So yeah, here is the preliminary results of this tournament. It was really hard putting this together and finding some kind of answers there as well. I also think its going to get harder as time goes on. It’s hard and its going to continue to be hard as time goes on.

Gainax/Sunrise/Trigger: Prelim 1

Winner: Evangelion

Gainax/Sunrise/Trigger: Prelim 2

Winner: Escaflowne

Gainax/Sunrise/Trigger: Prelim 3

Winner: Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann

Gainax/Sunrise/Trigger: Prelim 4

Winner: Code Geass

Gundam: Prelim 1

Winner: Gundam The 08th Ms Team

Gundam: Prelim 2

Winner: Gundam OO

Gundam: Prelim 3

Winner: G Gundam

Gundam: Prelim 4

Winner: Gundam 0080

Assorted: Prelim 1

Winner: Patlabor

Assorted: Prelim 2

Winner: Full Metal Panic

Assorted: Prelim 3

Winner: RahXephon

Assorted: Prelim 4

Winner: Mazinger Z

Assorted: Prelim 5

Winner: Giant Robo

Assorted: Prelim 6

Winner: Macross: Do You Remember Love?

Assorted: Prelim 7

Winner: Macross Frontier

Assorted: Prelim 8

Winner: The Big O

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