Weekly Seasonal Watches: Winter 2022 Anime Season Week 8

Rust-Eater Bisco Episode 7

I felt like I watched two episodes by watching this one, but not in a bad way. Nothing felt rushed or out of place, just a lot of things happening at once. I’m kind of amazed at how fast the Pawoo and Bisco fight ended because of how Milo was in danger while trying to get the rust eater mushrooms. A fight that inevitably leaves Actagawa injured and Bisco with some rusting that would lead to his death. Pawoo trusting her brother a bit more and heading to town was obviously the bad things that were going to happen.

Poor Pawoo not being put into the right scenarios after her governor where her watch has been completely zombified. All while Milo and Bisco are just spending time alone trying to survive with Bisco’s condition setting in. It was pretty sad to see that quick found friendship between the two not being broken, but delayed as Milo want to head out on his own to save his sister. He also showed how he has the intelligence to make up for his skill when finally defeating Bisco to save his sister. Suddenly, this show is full of some tragedy in here.

This was waiting to happen in the background of the series and no it’s all here to see. It’s crazy and I look forward to more. Still such a very good show as well.

Teasing Master Takagi-san Season 3 Episode 8

Very simple and to the point episode. Especially when most of the episode was four different couples and groups walking up a flight of 415 steps. Of course, the only one I care about is Nishikata and Takagi and it turned out to be a very romantic spot for them. (The other couples too.) I liked the video rental store (which I didn’t know that I had) with them sharing movies and eventually Takagi asking Nishikata out on a movie date. Just simple cuteness.

Lupin the Third: Part 6 Episode 21

Very simple but fun episode. One where Fujiko has a partner from her past show up too. A small journey of Fujiko and Amelia escaping from a male it person who eventually started their own church cult. So the usual incel I suppose. A good and wonderful journey for the likes and placements into there as well. Lupin helped, but he got money from it. Not much else to say, it was simple enough.

My Dress-Up Darling Episode 8

A character journey of so many people in this story. I’m glad that Shinju, Juju’s sister, got a lot of love with her passion of cameras and other things. It helped when the showed up the studio at the magical girl aspects of it there as well. Juju also sharing her passion of becoming a magical girl and letting herself be vulnerable. Finally, GoJo himself letting himself loose by experiencing the ocean for the first time with Marin’s help. Just a good thing for all of them there as well.

Sasaki and Miyano Episode 8

Read the conversation between Irina and I about this episode on her blog later on here: Link

Requiem of the Rose King Episode 8

I’m just going to say it, this episode was one big excuse to get King Henry and Duke Richard back together again. I mean, Henry was allowed to leave the castle for now because he hates the pressure and Richard was set into the forest to give George the York rose and see how he responds. So basically, the two meet and they learn more about each other. Or at least Henry and how he was ruined by his mother’s on sexual problems later on to where he is afraid of women. Very interesting turn as they spend time together in the woods, their only safe place.

Otherwise, the young Lancaster boy (I refuse to learn his name) and Anne are due to be married and are supposed to sleep which each other and clearly don’t. The world outside doesn’t understand Richard at all and these two people that like Richard for different reasons have to be married to each other. Man. Misgendering and other things which I hope that the boy just dies or something later on. Then again, I suppose that is the journey of this anime.

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 Episode 8

After some suffering, it looks like the what we might be able to call good guys joined together? I don’t know, but the Yeagerist regime was at least shown how weak it was when they rely on Mikasa and others to fight for them instead of doing it themselves. The meet up at Conny’s mother was really good and emotional and it just climbed up more as our gang joined together. Especially with Annie joining the mix leaving Hitch with a pie she can’t eat herself. (That delivery was hilarious). Hopefully this group of peole and titans can defeat Eren. I guess there is only waiting until next week to see.

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  1. I don’t know, I kind of feel like the latest episode of Rust Eater Bisco was a bit rushed. Or maybe I was so hyped about an epic battle between Pawoo and Bisco that I felt a bit disappointed. I did like how sneaky Milo has gotten, he definitely knows how to think his way out of problems instead leaning on his new archery skills. Like sacrificing a crab claw to get free from the pipe snake. The combo of smart and skilled really is working for him!

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