#MechaMadness Tournament Round 1 Results

So here we are! The first week of Mecha March has been done so is Mecha Madness. Today, the results of Round 1 are revealed. On Tuesday, the quarter finals and/or Round 2 starts. The difficulty of it all will only get worse and worst as the cream of the crop of this tournament really start appearing.

So yeah, some people will be upset and other people will be excited. Not much else to really say about it here at all considering the nature of the whole thing. Tournament are hard, yo. I feel like next time I will see if I can do a double elimination round because a single elimination is way too heart breaking. This one was a last minute sort of thing that I through together and this is the best that I can do on my own. Next year, I will ask for some help.

Before we get into complete winners and losers of Round 1, I also posted a couple reviews of Mecha series that you might want to check out. Here is one for Voltes V: Link and here is the one for Great Exkaiser: Link. More will come next week too.

Gainax/Sunrise/Trigger Round 1 Match 1 Results

Winner: Evangelion

Gainax/Sunrise/Trigger Round 1 Match 2 Results

Winner: Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann

Gundam Round 1 Match 1 Results

Winner: Gundam: The 08th MS Team

Gundam Round 1 Match 2 Results

Winner: G Gundam

Assorted Round 1 Match 1 Results

Winner: Patlabor

Assorted Round 1 Match 2 Results

Winner: RahXephon

Assorted Round 1 Match 3 Results

Winner: Macross: Do You Remember Love

Assorted Round 1 Match 4 Results

Winner: The Big O


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