Shenmue the Animation Episode 5: A New Quest

This episode was a lot of cool action and just a conclusion to part of Ryo Hazuki’s journey. I mean, it ended on a cool cliff hanger that we as an audience knew as a fake out. But it was a fun fake out because we saw what happened at the beginning of it here. That meeting with Goro seeing the chalk for where Nozomi was being held. That union of Mia, Goro, and Mark entering that warehouse and taking her with a forklift was amazing. I guess our goofy guy can be somewhat reliable despite his obviously lacking of intelligence and other things.

That and the action scenes with Ryo and Guizhang working together to defeat all of Mad Angels. Some really cool choreography with that special flare that anime can only do. Especially when tons and tons of guys keep falling to the side. I guess the Mad Angels are now through considering that they were literally destroyed. The final boss that has some small weight on Yokosuka is gone and now Ryo can continue his journey towards Hong Kong.

If there is one major problem I had with this episode, it’s the very end where Guizhang Chen and Ryo Hazuki could have gone to Hong Kong together. That’s what I wanted to have, but the end where our lizard guy and the polls landing on his leg was such a cop out. I feel like it must have been a cop out in the game too. It did give the chance for Ryo to show how strong he’s gotten by defeating the villain by himself, but man. Those two have good chemistry. Still, over all a very good concluding episode for this specific arc.


  1. I was disappointed that Guizhang wouldn’t be coming too. They had a good dynamic going there so I’m going to miss him especially since he’ll likely be gone for the rest of the series. Hopefully arc 2 can keep up the solid momentum that the first had

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