#MechaMarch2022: More About Tomino

I know that I have written about Tomino before in a short post that you can read about here: Link, but there are so many things to talk about when it comes to the guy. He is one of the legends in the industry that really has been around ever since anime came into existence. Think about it, Tomino is older than what we call anime itself. Isn’t that fascinating? Isn’t that so interesting that anime as we know it in terms of even modern history is still young? How crazy that something like anime can evolve so fast like that?

Tomino is one of the guys who made anime what it is today. But his career didn’t just happen with Gundam overnight. Nor did Gundam even become overnight. He really did work on a lot of iconic pieces and places around the industry from different episode and overall anime directional positions that didn’t hit off as hard as they could yet from Triton of the Sea to the Zambot 3 and Daitarn 3 and other things like that. The magical avenue of him also working with Miyazaki on Future Boy Conan. Then also, The Ultraman which he worked on the last four episodes of.

This man has done so many things from trying to find a hit to finally discovering an anime that became something. In his thirties with Mobile Suit Gundam, he founded the real robot genre. Making the genre go from the supposed super heroes with mecha that can do anything to a place where the drama is a bit more real and the technology must have statistics and data. Things must have ammo limits and fuel matter more than they did. It was solidified through the works of Ryusuke Takahashi, but still. Very important for so many things as well.

The guy is a legend for a reason and there are some people on the internet who do not understand them or put their fame on different people working with them for some reasons or just people not understanding his work which do mean an acquired taste for his works. Maybe they are galaxy brained, but they are still so much fun. Nowadays, Tomino is one of those people who is in the news for a hot take or a weird quote because of his fame and I think that is completely rude. Just let the man work and retire. Stop bugging people even if they always say some interesting qoutes. 


  1. Those of us who respect Tomino as a great director may be galaxy-brained Newtypes in disguise, haha.

    For real though, artists who think unconventionally deserve respect. If everyone thought in the same, uniform way… the world would be a pretty boring place!

    As an aside, I still don’t understand the hate that Space Runaway Ideon gets in English-speaking countries.

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      1. I have seen people critiquing the writing in comparison to Evangelion, and making fun of the absurd character moments. Hate is probably hyperbole, but it doesn’t get as much respect as old sci-fi shows like Space Battleship Yamato. On my review of Ideon, an anon person also commented and made a bullet-point list of things that were bad about the show and asked me why I like it.

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  2. Tomino is like the wise kung-fu master equivalent of anime who has been around forever. Looks the part too. I was surprised to see his name pop up in the notifications considering the no Gundam rule but he’s done so much more so fitting. Curious which quotes these are. I’ve read a few articles on his interviews and a lot of it seems to be him just stating facts. Maybe I missed the more explosive stuff?

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    1. Oh no, not really. It’s just the fact that Tomino it’s like a big qoute machine for the media when it comes to takes of newer anime a f such.. That’s about it because I don’t think he’s said anything wrong either.

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      1. Ah ok gotcha. I actually read some of the things he says and go…huh. Yeah someone needed to say that. Like the whole thing he said about war and military. I’m not anti-military but war isn’t exactly worth glorifying either so it was sort of ok. I feel he gets misquoted a lot and snippets of what he says get taken way out of context. Anyway cool article!!

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