#MechaMadness Tournament Round 2 Results

Ok, I was not expecting this tournament to turn out this way. In all honesty, I placed thought I was creating a gauntlet for Evangelion by putting a lot of Gainax shows and Sunrise shows which were at that popularity to weigh it down and give it a good competition. I was and yet was not expecting TTGL to be such a massive monster. It’s insane. I love it though. It shows the somewhat unpredictable human calculation that I couldn’t think about it and that’s amazing. I love it so much.

Encase you were wondering, I don’t care what anyone votes for. I just wanted to run this small tournament and I’m amazed that so many people are taking to this. I didn’t know that over 20 people would vote for this the whole time and that’s great. So well thought out and just exceedingly fun. Once again, thank you so much.

Mecha march posts that came out this last week: Zambot 3 and The Ultraman.

Anyway, sorry for the preamble. Lets look at the results.


Winner: Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann


Winner: G Gundam

Assorted Round 2 Match 1

Winner: Patlabor

Assorted Round 2 Match 2

Winner: The Big O


    1. Honestly, that was a few dice rolls for me.

      It was a pure split 50/50, so I rolled a dice for odds and evens 10 times to see which one I would give the edge too and that’s how it turned out.


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