Sasaki and Miyano Ep 11 – A Matter of Timing

Hello Irina, how has your past week gone? I don’t have too many exciting things to say. My community band did a concert on Monday, which was fun, but it’s kind of been a little less exciting since then considering that there weren’t any concerts on those days. Plus, the weather has been all over the place too which adds some more confusion to the mood.

Uhm, I worked and then watched anime. Which I already consider exciting but nowhere near as exciting as I played a concert! That’s the rock star life for you, you think a week with a performance in it is nothing much! Or should I say the brass star? I hope that isn’t a euphemism I don’t know about…

As far as I know, I don’t think that is the case. But well, I guess words and terms change all the time. I’m glad that you consider work exciting though. I mean, if going into doing the same work all the time was boring then it would be…will…you know. Haha.

I take my excitement where I can get it. Besides, I don’t think I’m suited for too much excitement personally. I’m a bit of a stay at home, play video games sort of girl! But enough about me. Let’s talk about boys!

I suppose that might be why we are here after all, so let’s talk about some boys then :). Especially these two cute ones and their pretty adorable friends.

I feel like this episode of Sasaki and Miyano kind of responded to a little bit about what were discussing last week with the pressures of society against singular sex couples because a lot of that came into the our resident Student Council member Hanzawa’s story. Or maybe I shouldn’t call that too soon. But his brother asking him if he was interested in Miyano during their meetup was interesting. Kind of a bit to chew on there I think. 

I’m not sure if I should jump ahead in the episode, but don’t you think their parents were great. I mean all things considered their mm took it rather well But it does put a lot of pressure on Hanzawa. I mean he’s the one that has to provide the grandkids. That was the deal. Everyone is counting on him. And that can be a lot for anyone. Even if he is straight and actually wants children, it’s still intimidating when you think your whole family is counting on you.

Yeah, tell me about it. There was some pressure like that on my dad’s side because all of us cousins around the same age didn’t have any kids yet until recently when one of my cousins had a kid. Having any sort of pressure like that on anyone is a bit too much for anyone and it can ruin a lot of relationships when that tension is put forward rather than just letting relationships happen. I feel sorry for him too. 

Oh wow, I can’t imagine. That really must be tough!

I will say though. Miyano is lucky to have some very understanding friends. Maybe it’s a little unrealistic but I find it a sweet escape. I wish everyone was lucky enough to have their friends just like them as they are. No questions asked and no explanations needed. I have always liked Kuresawa a lot (glasses guy) but now I like Tashiro too. Heck I like everyone!

That is what stuns me too. Miyano really found some great, accepting, and very emotionally intelligent friends that probably see where Miyano is going slightly more ahead than Miyano does himself. I’m glad that he has them and they are supportive of Miyano slowly reaching out to Sasaki at his own pace because this would be a very different series without them.

The latter half of the episode went into more classic comedy territory. Personally, I’m all for it. I loves me a good laugh as most people know. 

The scene with Miyano not being able to get Sasaki alone for long enough to talk to him was great. Those constant interruptions that became right down ridiculous at the end really livened up the mood. I like when they throw in a bit of silliness like that into the mix. For me, I think that the Sasaki and Miyano production gets a little too serious from time to time. As in the cinematic language and score are just a touch too grand for the story. So when they bring it back down to earth with just a little nonsense, it grounds everything. You know what I mean?

Oh man, I think I do. While I do think that focusing on a lot of matters of the heart is good with how serious it is taken, it did get a little too heavy. I kind of just enjoyed that scenario too from how it just kept going and going. It really did capture the right amount of time of the constant interruptions with how short each interruption was over time. It made me pretty happy and a little nervous for Miyano too at the same time.

That being said though, I feel like adaptations are hard things when considering what direction to take a story like this from it being a bit too goofball and too serious. I don’t mind them taking the serious route a bit and then throwing in some classic comedy bits to make it a bit more lively. I feel like this adaptation generally feels like it knows where it wants to be even if it pushes things a little too hard sometimes.

Oh I agree. I‘m having a great time with the anime. But you know us reviewers. We like to nitpick! It’s a hobby. Besides, I think that the dissonance between the story and production hasn’t applied in a while. At least not for me. The last few episodes have been really on point even if they are just making the anticipation last until the very last minute.

And it’s working.

In the last few scenes of this episode. When they were in the staircase together (what is it with BL and staircase scenes, I feel like it’s a genre trope and I find that fascinating) I was actually chanting “tell him, tell him” at my screen. Out loud! Like an overexcited kid! What can I say, I’m young at heart!

Oh my goodness, so was I. It was the perfect moment to do it, but they stared into each other’s eyes instead and it was just…oh my goodness. I just…yeah. Well, they definitely know what they are doing with all of that romance on screen and getting a lot out of it.

So Scott, are you looking forward to next week’s finale as much as I am? 

It’s do or die, we’re going to get fluffy sugary confession time! And I think we’ve earned it!

I feel like my heart will probably be completely gone in bliss next week. From Friday to Sunday next week, I’m expecting probably one confession per day in the anime that I watch, maybe, from some adorable couples.

Possibly not considering how these things can go sometimes, but I still feel like it can happen. It’s going to be a good time regardless!

Oh sweet! That means I get to see you next week for the weekend of love! Now that I think of it, I’m also expecting another anime confession. Good times!


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