Weekly Seasonal Watches: Winter 2022 Anime Season Week 11

Rust-Eater Bisco Episode 10

Ok, this show is not only deciding to end ending with the biggest one possible. Plus there is some good emotional resonance through out it too with Milo taking what Bisco said to heart as he tries to take on a giant. A literal giant named Tetsujin (I see what you did there) that looks like a God Warrior from Nausicaa with Kurokawa taking over it in the brain department. A good emotional message that makes it challenging as the government forces fail it fighting it like a classic Godzilla film. I honestly really dig it with references and other placements at all and that’s great. Good episode on a lot of emotional levels there too.

New Legend of the Galactic Heroes Season 3 Episode 1

Oh hey, Legend of the Galactic Heroes came back last week. It makes me so excited to see it return after the large fiasco of a battle in the Imperial area and then the capture of Iserlohn fortress by Yang, it’s Julians turn. This episode was a lot. From Julian training to be a soldier and pilot to eventually being in combat and facing those horrors and even the loss of his instructor Bagman while on a training mission that got worse, it was horrifying. Legend of the Galactic Heroes always knew about the cost of war but it really got more personal since Julian joined into this. Excellent starting episode for this season.

Teasing Master Takagi-san Season 3 Episode 11

I think this is the cutest episode possible. I say that when every single episode of this show is cute. The difference is that it is now Valentine’s day and Nishikata had three chocolate gifts from kouhai in his locker. Something which makes the chemistry between Takagi and Nishikata awkward through out the day. That was huge considering that she was always on point. But seeing her fumbling to text Nishikata to give her chocolate at the end of the day at the shrine was such a major character moment for her. It was peak adorable. Also, because of some side characters, Nishikata might have to confess to Takagi on White Day. That’s huge. Please let it happen next episode. That is the finale that we need.

Lupin the Third: Part 6 Episode 24

Besides the cliche of Lupin being a different person when another side of him was woken up, it really does show how much is group of characters does follow and care about him. Them turning to Moriarty was interesting choice too. Same with Tomoe mindwashing and ruining the lives of so many women just to get Lupin to know she is his actual mother. I guess this isn’t that out of place and everything does time together in the end. I should have also seen this coming as we see Mattea trying to kill Tomoe for ruining her life. Kind of fair honestly. I wonder how this will end here because there are certainly some things going on here.

My Dress-Up Darling Episode 11

Gojou and Marin, my god. The date did continue as those two went to a manga cafe where Marin showed Gojou a slife of life manga about a light novel author who stays up to late and a cute succubus trying to get him to sleep. Yeah, it was pretty adorable and that is Marin’s next cosplay. A cosplay that eventually leads them to spending a small amount of time at a love hotel where the cosplay does go off with great photos until they get close to actually doing it. Man. Such real tension there and it could have happened. But now there is awkwardness. I hope they do get their feelings for each other in line next episode. Or at least Gojou towards Marin. Man, the actual sexual tension here.

86 Part 2 Episode 12 (Finale)

Oh, this was so good even if the build up was a bit slow. The saving of what is left of the Republic, Lena taking place as the set of San Magnolia’s new turn over after the 86 saved the silver haired people, a return of normalcy of our five people, and eventually Lena returning to her five that she never met before. Her meeting them and still knowing their voices after so long was a great touch to all of this. They will be working together again as equals as Lena is leading taht foreign division. I like it all. So well put together and educated and thoughtful of there too.

Sasaki and Miyano Episode 11

Read this collab post from Irina and I from earlier today right here: Link

Requiem of the Rose King Episode 11

Well, that was peak drama. As much drama as one can get for a singular episode here. Man, with King Henry captured by the Yorks after Richard’s capture of him and Richard questioning himself on it and eventually turned to killing people by Buckingham, the Lancasters are in a tough spot after Warwick was killed. There is only Queen Margarette leading the charge while trying to get Anne to hide her son. Of course, this is all that high tension going on here too. Man.

So what happens? Of course the Lancasters lose and is captured by Richard. Of course, young Edward and Margaret are placed in front of the King Edward and George. So of course, Margaret tries her best case of keeping Edward alive by making herself as terrible as possible while Edward takes that one moment to stand up for himself and eventually leading to George murdering him. Man, talk about such peak drama. I don’t think that anything can hit as hard this week. Maybe.

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 Episode 11

Ok, the best episode in a while. Some fantastic work with animation and direction, there was a lot of detail, and it was just good. So many natural bits of how this show moved from our united group of Titans and normal people against the yeagerist and Falco’s dedication to torn into a titan and finish everyone off. Finally, the group won through some magical planning, and hope to maybe get the plane flying somewhere else. The last part of the episode of old soldiers sacrificing their lives for the new generation was great. Also, yay Gabi finally shooting Floch (though it’s possible he’s not dead.). Dang it.

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