#MechaMarch #MechaMarch2022 #MechaMadness Final Round Voting

Here we are, the final round. You can vote here: Link

The Polls will be open for this longer this time until Wednesday, March 30th, at 6 Pm PST.

Will TTGL continue its rampage through popular series or will Patlabor put in all into a stop? There is only one way to find out.


  1. May the best giant pile of technology made in the shape of an approximate human being… Or whatever the shape the mechs in Evangelion are… Win.

    No seriously. What does the Heavenly Host and God need of Mechs? Why… Did God plum the Multiverse and recruit every plucky (dead) mech pilot he could find, rename them as the Archangels, and send them to this one Earth to… To… RETAKE REALITY?!? Buuuuttt… Then again in another reality God created Monoliths to do that job. Or just made a deal with Hell to do Armageddon a la Good Omens with David Tennant. Oh well. Bye.

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