GuP, 86, and Production Delays and Issues in Anime: #AniTwitWatches

Hello everyone. I’m extremely behind on writing posts for #AniTwitWatches. Part of that is because of Mecha March that takes away time from everything else I want to write. The other part is that I wasn’t completely ready to write about Fate yet. Will, I am ready now and I plan on writing about Fate starting the second week of April and and that will last for a couple weeks because writing about fate is addictive like that. It will not just be for the UBW Film and the 2006 series, but the Solomon film that came out recently and other things. I’m also not writing about Girls Und Panzer again because I have a post for that here, so let’s talk about a different topic.

I find it a bit fitting that the Monday we finished this Girls Und Panzer watch for this specific thing, that the finale of 86 finally came around. Talk about irony a bit don’t you think? Especially since 86 was delayed for three months just like Girls Und Panzer’s final episodes were also delayed. I found that fascinating this was something that happened ten years apart from each other. Especially with both of these series’ final two episodes being pretty stellar finales that make a person want more. GuP obviously has more to watch, but 86 still remains to be seen at this time here.

From saying all of that, it feels like it makes production issues and delays a modern problem when it’s really been a problem since anime production has started. The idea of limited animation was supposed to ease that load of making limited series, but when something like Lupin III Part 1 in 1972 which was hodge podged together until Miyazaki and Takahata showed up or we could talk about the messed up production of SDF Macross in 1982 which had a team release a worse product because the product was over too much for the team working on it.

And honestly, I can keep going when discussing somethign like Lost Universe which was a complete production mess to the point where the opening was’t even finished until the second half of the show and that’s not even full problem the show had because it looks so much older then it should be. But seriously though, look up the first opening online and you will see animate I’m sure there are many, many more production problems of series that I haven’t watched new or old.

This is easily a recency bias thing, But 86 and Girls Und Panzer represent a newer time of this happening especially recently considering how anime production has skyrocketed. Only a couple examples out of many. What has happened between a decade ago and now? More and more production issues happen now as a result of the burdening of wanting more out of a system that wants to to get every single drop out of the well that may be getting empty. Or not who knows? We can see that attitude in how different the production delays are between Girls Und Panzer and 86.

Girls Und Panzer’s episode were split apart due to scheduling slips inside the studio itself as one person in the production did not do his job leading to a massive scheduling slip. That kept happening through its production as more and more episodes were delayed. 86, on the other hand, had its second cour filled with production issues and delays. The first cour went off fine, but there wasn’t enough production lead time for this crew in A1 Pictures to complete the production at the level they wanted. That resulted in the final episodes to come out recently after long weeks of wondering whether an episode would make out before in March before hand.

And these are once again only a couple examples with COVID-19 being another factor in anime production issues. Eva 3.0+1.0 was delayed due to it, Love Live Superstar had episodes delayed for their own production issues, Wonder Egg Priority is another production mess which feels like a tall tale but the fact that multiple production staff went to the hospital a large amount of times shows that issues. Once again, a recency thing, but I didn’t even list all of them just like I didn’t list Anno’s tv anime production horror. The fact that there is more anime now then before just naturally means more production issues. This is something worry about in the future as we might see the anime bubble finally dying from too much strain with or without COVID-19.

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