#MechaMarch #MechaMadness The Final Winners and Some Thoughts

I know what you guys are here for, so let’s get to those first.

Final Poll Results

Gold Winner

The Winner is:

The Gold Hyaku Shiki Award goes to Patlabor

Silver Winner

gets second place.

The Silver Sumo award goes to Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann

Bronze Winner

The third placer is

The Bronze YF-19 Award goes to: The Big O

The Prize Winners are:

JonSpencerReviews and ZZDigital. Only two people took part in creating a bracket and turned it into me, so both of them will be getting a prize.

All The Shows In The Contest

I just wanted to shout out every show that was ever in contention, because they were selected by so many people interested in this contest and there is a reason for that. All of them are good and worth watching. Please check them out because all of them are available to watch somewhere which means all of they great shows are at a finger tip.

For a list made of 32 shows, I’m amazed how this captured a lot of generations of mecha anime.

-The Big O
-Planet With
-Macross Frontier
-Suisei no Gargantia
-Macross: Do You Remember Love
-Knights of Sidonia
-Giant Robo
-Break Blade
-Mazinger Z
-Fullmetal Panic
-Voltes V
-Turn A Gundam
-Gundam 0080
-G Gundam
-Zeta Gundam
-Gundam OO
-Gundam SEED
-Gundam The 08th MS Team
-Gundam ZZ
-Code Geass
-Gurren Lagann

Thoughts on How This Went and How I can Improve for 2023

For my first time running a tournament bracket like this, I think it went ok. I did go with only one place to collect votes other then making a twitter poll chain too, so it was just easier to vote and not take up someone’s twitter feed even if it would be easier to get votes by making it a twitter poll threat. Maybe that is the first thing to consider for next year.

The next thing I could improve on was putting the newer and older shows in their own bracket. I didn’t do that here because I thought that the followers I had were about equal, but older mecha series easily took charge and that wasn’t fair to the newer great series that came out recently. My mistake and I’m sorry bu once it was set I had to run with it.

Next year, I want to see about making a double elimination chart instead of a single one even if that would harder to control and maintain. So that means getting help for next time. A lot of work and effort to put into all of this to do it for next time too. Not any of this is set in stone. If anything, I could just not run Mecha Madness next year too. We shall all see when the time comes.


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