#MechaMarch2022 Posts from Other People

Of course, I am not the only blogger or person who worked on blogs for this event that I just created because I wanted to. A few other cool people worked on blog posts about mecha this month and I feel like that all need attention of some kind here. I’m very happy about that because it means this yearly event on this blog has spread out to other people and it just is the coolest thing possible. Thanks for looking at this blog for mecha posts, but check out these other blog posts too.

Takuto’s Blog Posts

Eva Everyday

Starting with the first day of March, Takuto has written a short but inciteful review of each episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion. Go ahead and check out what he has to say from episode 1 onward right here!

Marina’s Blog Posts

Mecha March and Mobile Suit Gundam

Even though she says she isn’t a big mecha fan, though she clearly is with some of the titles she mentioned, Marina finally started to move into Gundam 0079. These are her early thoughts and they sound very enthused on it so far. Read her latest thoughts on it here: link

Lita Kino’s Blog Posts


Here is Lita Kino’s post on the terrors of war and racism put into the anime series of 86. A new mecha series that has a lot of good and explorative of all the things put into 86 because 86 is a pretty large and complex series for only having two cours. Go ahead and check this post out and then check out the anime.

K at the Movie’s Blog Post

Unearthing the Genius of Voices of A Distant Star #MechaMarch

One of the coolest people, K has written about one of Makoto Shinkai’s works. His first original project that he made himself on a mac book. A simple one with simple animation, but a decently written story about time escaping us. Check out all the things K has to say about it here.

Retro Anime Mecha Podcast

Still waiting for this podcast on Go Nagai’s X-Bomber, but I am sure it will be absolutely great when it comes out.

Never Argue With A Fish

Anime Corner: Patlabor: The New Files Review

I’m happy more Patlabor appeared here again! Patlabor as a whole is probably an almost perfect franchise with some minor blemishes and flaws here and there. In this review, Chris covers the ova that takes place after the tv series with all the good and bad put into it. Read his review to find out more.


Back Arrow – Cowboys, Spaceships and Gods!

Irina wrote a really cool post about Back Arrow and covered a lot of it. All of it from how it’s been presumed by anime audiences to her own look and genuine enjoyment of it too despite some of the flaws it has too. Go ahead and give it a read. Also watch Back Arrow.

Pluto Mango

Macross Plus OVA vs. Movie: #Mechamarch2022

In a not very surprising move after writing some really good posts about Cowboy Bebop, Pluto Mango started putting together some posts comparing the OVA and movie versions of Macross Plus. I’m so excited about this because I kind of dismissed them as the versions generally being the same besides what they focus on. It’s all good fun honestly.


Thanks for enjoying Mecha March 2022 everyone!


  1. Thanks for the shoutout! I loved writing for Mecha March every day, even if it was a challenge. I haven’t done a project on this scale in a while, and I’m excited to read through the posts I missed!

    – Takuto

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