Weekly Seasonal Watches: Winter 2022 Anime Season Week 13

Rust-Eater Bisco Episode 12 (Finale)

A very clean and simple finale. It didn’t ruin anything or add anything, it just ended with Bisco returning in some of the coolest forms for it too. It is really cool there too. It was a small monster fight with everyone doing something to eventually take them all down there. Then everyone was healed and they just worked on saving Japan from the Tetsujin that was going to blow up. Then of course there is the kiss to talka bout and eventually Pawoo and Bisco moving to a next location for adventure. Great place to end now and maybe get a sequel for later if the show wanted it to do.

New Legend of the Galactic Heroes Season 3 Episode 3

Ok, a much better episode then last week which was all over the place. A great little historical piece of not only a little bit of the Reinhard vs noble arguments in the galactic empire. It all started with Ruenthal and Mittermeyer joining Reinhard’s side to take on the nobles in order to save the captured Mittermeyer’s life. Of course, Mittermeyer refused to be an good prison and it was all great there too. Very fun episode to watch which formed the relationship between these three admirals and, more specifically, for Ruenthal and Mittermeyer’s relationship.

Love Live! Nijigasaki Season 2 Episode 1

A very fun start to this season of Love Live! A fun reintroduction to our girls fighting like magical girls in suits, and then we see where Yuu is on her music course as well as she works hard playing the piano to catch up and staying up all night. Also, we get some new cast members including Lanzhu Shong who saw the idol club, but doesn’t consider them good enough. So its own fun idol competition and fight for the ideals of what being an idol is going to happen here. I’m sure it will be a bit tense, but a lot of fun at the end too because there was no conflict last week.

Requiem of the Rose King Episode n/A

Recap episode this week, didn’t watch.

Magia Record Season 3 Episode 1

All four episodes came out today, but I am only going to watch them once a week. Not that anyone I know seems to have noticed any of that.

But yeah, this episode was the origin of Magia Record itself. With the sick Ui with the two other girls we recognize from the series itself. Of course it all started because Iroha became a magical girl to save Ui’s life and then suddenly, the three girls want to stop the witch process to happen in order to save Iroha and girls like her. So yeah, they stole Kyubei’s powers and everything went wrong with UI’s soul appearing in a small Kyubei. Uh oh. This season is going to be a while ride isn’t it?

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 Episode 12 (Part Season Finale Thing?)

I can’t help but say how much of a feather dream this was. It started with our usual gang in Marley wearing suits trying to fit in at a carnival where it slowly unravels and everyone around them moves against them after an outsider interrupts them all? Then our people have a party with those outsiders who left behind in Marleyan society? All of this coming from Eren’s head as he started to attack Marley head on. All I can say is that it shows how completely unhinged he is and what he thinks about his friends by keeping them at arms length. I just…he should be stopped as he does destroy Liberio itself. It’s a tragedy.

See you at the real final season?


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