Manga Review Shorts: Legend of Dai Vol 1, Record of Ragnarok Vol 2, and Mao Vol 4

I have a few volumes of manga that I’ve read a bit before Mecha March happened and I wasn’t able to get to them now. I honestly don’t have a lot to thoughts for all of them either. Not in a bad way, but in a way that I just don’t have a lot of heavy thoughts. In this case, I think the short format works best.

Dragon Quest: Legend of Dai Volume 1

This was a very fun read. It was also a very classic sort of start to a shonen battle character’s story. A lot of content and pages to read and a lot of good charm and great characters in it. Infact, the comedy is excellent and the balance between it and the drama is well thought out. Dai himself is a very Goku like shonen hero who can learn very fast, but I like the caveat that he can’t control magic right now until he’s in the right emotional state. A fantastic start to what will probably be a great fantasy adventure shonen battle story. Not just for Dragon Quest fans, because I don’t know anything about that franchise, but for everyone who enjoys this genre. I know I will be looking for more.

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Mao Volume 4

I mentioned in my earlier posts about Mao that I could see it being a very in and out sort of story. Especially since it had a small cast and a very close to the chest sort of mystery. Well, that changed with this volume. I can’t call this a filler because that would be wrong, but the adventure was slowed down quite a bit. Mao and Nanoka gain a bit more of a cast with Mao’s over apprentices and smaller schemes from people working for Byoki to defeat Mao in interesting ways that are fun. I didn’t enjoy this volume as much as I did previously, but but doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own entertainment.

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Record of Ragnarok Volume 2

Well, this is just more human versus god combat. In this volume the match between Lu Bu and Thor ended in favor of Thor and now the current match is Adam versus Zeus. A more literal fight like this couldn’t exist. But since Adam is the first human being, that tension is lessened by a bit because he is the perfect human being. He can copy anything a god throws at him including ultimate attacks so there is some tension going on here. Just not as much as I wanted to have because its still pretty standard tournament fighting sort of stuff. I guess that is just how this goes as these matches continue.

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