Slowly Gaining a Relationship with Tokusatsu

With my post on The Ultraman anime and the last two manga related posts, I am slowly dipping into the larger Tokusatsu franchises. I even am watching one right now if I am continuing what I wanted to do after finishing Denno Coil. As of writing this post, I don’t know which one I am watching. Something that will be decided next week or I will ask some other people. Who knows. But honestly, it has been a slow dip getting there into some Toku stuff. (It’s Ultraman 66)

I’ve been hesitant about really digging into real toku stuff for a long time. It mainly had to do with not having enough time to do it. I mean, I obviously knew that I would be into it. I was and am still worried about that addiction getting to me because the anime addiction is currently strong as ever there. I didn’t think that I needed to be as addicted to other media as much as I am addicted to anime too.

That goes along with watching things that are connected and/or affiliated to anime in their own ways. I have watched Samurai Flamenco that is heavily dipped into the genre itself. Same with generally One Punch Man, multiple Ultraman anime series, and other things just because I wanted to watch them. Or we could talk about the endless amount of anime that are similar. They sounded fun and I just wanted to watch them so I could. That’s about it really.

So how will I get into some Tokusatsu stuff now? Will, probably a slow watch of watching something when I can or not. I realized that I don’t have to deeply put into everything that I enjoy. I just need to watch some of it when I want to and just enjoy it. It seems like a simple enough solution that I needed to come to my own conclusions. My mind is a little too heavy I think which is annoying when I am drowning in my own thoughts and ideas. Seems to be a common thing recently.

So yeah, let’s jump into a series or two and see where it all goes. If I stop, I stop and that is ok too. Nothing is permanent and just getting a taste test of any kind can be good. At least I think so. I don’t know what anyone else is thinking on that front at that moment and that’s ok.


  1. That’s great! It’s wonderful when people like you branch out and find new things. I eventually will maybe get more Kaman Rider DVDs for my collection… If I’m that desperate because the Japanese won’t sell it outside their country and only Chinese bootleggers sell it… Anyway I hope you enjoy your exploration into the world of… Uhh… That’s Super Sentai. I guess it’s Tokusatsu BUT it’s usually considered its own separate genre… Tokusatsu is Kaman Rider, the long discontinued Metal Hero line, and I guess Ultraman… Even though I’m sure that’s Kaiju. Anyway have fun!

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      1. Yes. That is the dictionary definition of Tokusatsu. But it falls short. Because consider this. In that case? The Ace Attorney live action movie is now Tokusatsu, because a ton of that movie utilizes digitized effects throughout. Attack On Titan Live Action is Tokusatsu because it heavily leans on effects work. Any movie or series that uses a preponderance of visual effects, even if it’s not traditionally seen as Tokusatsu, becomes Tokusatsu by default. I could film a Porn movie set in space, and due to its heavy reliance on effects? Its now Tokusatsu. Though there is an infamous Super Sentai Porn movie… No no don’t look for it. It’s horrible. I viewed it so you don’t have to.


      2. That’s fine. But Tokusatsu loses its meaning that way. Now the term made sense in its inception, because the only thing that really made a ton of use of sex was series we now call Tokusatsu. Kaman Rider, Metal Hero seroes, etc. Even movies you think would be effects heavy, like Kaiju, was mostly practical effects. Costumes and practical camera and visual effects. These days those same movies are now Tokusatsu because they are now heavily effects laden.

        At the end of the day Tokusatsu needs a redefinition to accommodate the vast usage of effects in media these days. Because at this point? Anything can be Tokusatsu because the use of effects have greatly changed, but the terminology created to describe said usage has not.


  2. … Does this mean I can start recommending live action Tokusatsu series for you to get addicted to? I’ve been slowly getting into the genre myself, although as you know more the live action side of it. I’m curious and looking forward to seeing where your watches take you!


      1. If it’s relatable I will try lol. I’m new to the genre myself. Although, I do want to get into a live action Ultraman eventually.

        Oh~ That sounds interesting too!!

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