Weekly Seasonal Watches: Spring 2022 Anime Season Week 1

New Legend of the Galactic Heroes Season 3 Episode 4

Well, this was a pretty massive set up episode. It feels mean saying that, but Legend of the Galactic Heroes is about politics and this episode started with the captured soldiers from the fight in episode 1 talked about how into Reinhard they are because he is like a god. So obviously, that led to the economic reforms in the empire where citizens are happy, but nobles are losing their life style. There is some tension as people wonder why Reinhard would work for those reforms (well, we all know why). Also, Obsterstein adopted a dog which is very good. Slow but decent episode.

Tiger and Bunny Season 2 Episode 1

This is another case where this show was bulk released, but I am only going to check out one episode a week. As much as I want to binge watch this show, I want to take my time with it.

With that said, this episode was generally pretty good. Besides that mystery with Bunny dying in the beginning of it, it felt safe but generally solid. Its cool to have Hero TV back with the sudden twist of “oh, they are working together”. A very cool and meta way of establishing characters or keeping characters into a story with a large cast while using it for the new TV promotion there. A new cast of characters, a cool arc, and just Tiger and Barnaby arguing over Tiger drinking Barnaby’s energy drink, but it has shown how much these characters have grown.

Aoashi Episode 1

That was a fun twist on a usual sorts of sports anime episode. It starts with a game, of course, with our main protagonist Atoshi and his team catching up to the opponent’s game and then, after a former friend mocking him, caused his team to throw the game. It’s a sort of episode that gets better when everything is reframed at the end where he meets one of the youngest coaches in the land who trained him in soccer who one needs to know what is going on and how aware Atoshi is with everyone around him. His brother is best bro though because he is funding his trip to play soccer in Tokyo. So good. I honestly can’t wait to see where this will go.

Spy X Family episode 1

Such an excellent episode on all levels. Great introduction to Loid and Anya with Loid actually gaining some affection for Anya as time goes on. Also, Anya is just perfect as a mind reader and as a cute kid who did some wrongs, but not wrongs Loid couldn’t handle. Generally excellent all around here too with the comedy and tension in a perfect balance. It also just looked amazing too. Yeah, so astonishingly good in all great ways.

Love Live! Nijigasaki Season 2 Episode 2

This episode is a good follow up to last episode. A great one that shows the other side of Lanzhu and the mysterious musical genius Mia Taylor. Two people that are barely working together and are generally nice people, just that they are tsundere and refuse to accept any of that loneliness. We get that idea from Lanzhu buying merch of all nine girls and Mia trying to connect with a cat that doesn’t want to talk to her. Very simple episode, but a very good one. This show isn’t as polished as season one, but that’s ok. It still looks decent even if its much more efficient.

Requiem of the Rose King Episode 13

The kinda sorta perfect episode to return to for the second half. Everyone has aged up and the hate between our three boys has only increased. All three sons have young children now and no one is happy. Ok, that’s not true. King Edward is happy with his life, but his sexual proclivities towards other women is going to kill him since we have a witch character named Jane into the mix. And Edward likes toxic people, so there we go. She is of course hired by Isabelle, the drunk George’s wife, so Jane is slowly killer her to kill Edward. Meanwhile, Edward is in the middle playing one against the other. It’s a great and destructive beginning that I like. Can’t wait for more.

Magia Record Season 3 Episode 2

The final sequence is in motion. And of course, Iroha meets up with Touka and Nemu once again. Yeah, two of the three girls she used to meet at the hospital with her own real sister before it all happened and chaos fell. So of course, even with some of their memories returning, the two are going to continue their plot leading to Iroha being locked away and every other girl suffering from their despair much more then usual as a result of the launch of Embryo eve. Was that solved? Yes. It also lead to the deaths of the two magical girls that did it. So sad, but the plot continues onwards. Lots to dig into still.


  1. So many good anime series to watch this season, it’s hard to choose! I hadn’t considered Tiger and Bunny. I’ve seen the series available for a while, hmm maybe I should put it up higher on my watch list. Thanks for the post, good read!

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  2. Definitely a lot of solid titles in this season. I can see Magia Record and Spy X Family fighting for the top spot of the season but that soccer one sounds pretty interesting too so I’ll put that as the sleeper title with a shot to take the throne. Most of these I’ll end up binging after the season’s over but I did start Spy X Family and definitely enjoyed the first episode a lot as well.

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    1. Well, Magia Record is only four episodes in length and was available in the first week, so you can go and check it out like a film. Spy X Family itself is probably going to explode even more and Aoashi feels so unique because our protagonist is trying to go pro instead of having the high school tournaments like Haikyu or other things. That alone makes it so interesting to me.


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