Shenmue the Animation Episode 10: Like A Buddy Cop Film

I don’t have much to say about this episode because it is an action and run around sort of episode. Is there a point to all of that? Well yeah. Ryo just left the shrine where he had a room to stay to find Yuanda Shue’s whereabouts. There, simple enough. It is an episode where Ren, the guy who tried to catch Ryo in a tough spot last week, actually works with Ryo to find out where he is. That involves getting caught but also dodging the Yellow Head Gang and its members until they find him. The episode itself is a cliff hanger where Yuanda Shu is probably found, but Xuiying comes in to protect Ren and Ryo after everything that happens. It was a fun ride the entire way through.

So yeah, I do have to mention that this episode was as chaotic as last episode. I say that in a good way. Ryo and Ren run from place to place dodging these people, especially Don Niu and his not as skilled protege. At one point, the two are caught and placed in hand cuffs. Somehow, the two can work together to actually defeat most of the opponents in their way to escape the prison they are are in. Also, there is was that moment when Don Niu was locked in a closet in one of the most Looney Tune’s sort of logic ever. It involved a parrot. Yet, the two were also able to solve the mystery of where he might be. It was a lot of fun to watch. The two have good comedy duo chemistry.

Out of a lot of the episodes recently, this one felt like one of the best episodes visually and timing wise in a small while. Everything matched together so well. Some cool bits of weight and just animation in general from running to great martial arts scenes to just good environmental set pieces. All of them paced really well to give the episode some breather before going in for more antics. Its kind of incredible. I really don’t have anything negative to say about this episode at all and if I did, they would be really small complaints. This is definitely one of the best episodes of this show.


  1. I did find it funny how many times Ryo got knocked out here. He’s definitely the kind of guy who doesn’t look before he leaps and hopefully he’ll work on that soon. Great cliffhanger with the master stepping in, the show continues to impress!

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