My Definitive Fate Watch Order

Am I going to put my own thoughts into a fate community debate? I suppose so. I honestly do not attach myself to the fate community at all, I just like watching a lot of the stuff, even the bad things, because there is something about fate that drives me back into it. Is it the concept and ideas? Well, probably. Sometimes, they are even well written too. There is also something to say or do about fate with waifus (Saber Alter //_//) and husbandos that drives some interesting conversation between people. So I know other people who like fate, but I don’t engage with the community at all, but I feel like I need to say something about it.

The watcher order debate is one of those infinite debates that never gets an answer from people. The same kind of people that ignore or blatantly hate the 2006 anime series for some reason I don’t understand. Some people say start with Fate/Zero and some others say start with UBW and all of those are such weird choices and ideas that don’t make any sense. Ok, starting with Fate/Zero can be argued for as a prequel series, but I know that I wouldn’t recommend starting there. I think you all might know where I am going with this as I write this post.

I say that people should start with the 2006 version. I did say that in that post, but never got into the weeds of why. The first reason I want to say that is because it is the definitive starting point of all of fate. I mean that at least on an adaptational level because of the route, but also because it is the first anime that came out. After watching the 2006 version, a person has enough context to get into Zero and other routes easily. Yeah, Fate/Zero would be much more understandable and you would know the founding things to make UBW and Heaven’s Feel work. Logically, it just makes sense for all of it too.

Then there is the way that 2006 looks compared to the other parts and adaptations. I still think that Studio Deen put all their heart and soul into a hodge podged product that is still workable somehow. Nothing after it is like that. They all have their consistent looks and styles there too. I mean, there is a reason why people make fun of this edition wrongly when this was all there was back in the day. So with that lack of backwards capacity, that would also make it the optimal way to start there too. With the ok visuals and the start of lore, it makes sense to start there.

What else do I need to say? Logically, it just makes sense for all sorts of reasons. Fate/Zero’s context would make more sense and starting with the second route’s adaptation is weird because you need context to get more out of it. In a world of lore like fate, context really is everything. Not just with servants itself, but the lore of the adaptations and how it all works together in one huge mess that is just fun to explore there. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.


  1. I agree with you, I started with Fate/zero because of the suggested online watch order and I felt the stories in UBW and zero would have been more impactful to me if I had either watched the Studio Deen show or played the game first. Deen’s Fate isn’t the most attractive, especially compared to an ufotable show, but it is quite charming in its own way and has a rockin’ OST – good introduction.

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  2. There are a tiny number of female characters that really grab me, that. make me want to know them better, even get close to them. Saber is one of them. Something about her backstory and her current demeanor blows me away.

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  3. I started with DEEN/Stay Night and I still think it’s a great way to get into the series. I honestly didn’t mind the animation that much, maybe because I grew up watching 90’s/00’s anime. And the music is SO good. Can’t believe it’s the same guy (Kenji Kawai) who did the original Ghost in the Shell and Mob Psycho 100!

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