Fate/Grand Order Final Singularity – Grand Temple of Time: Solomon

For those who didn’t know, you can watch this on Crunchyroll! But man, these fate titles are getting ridiculous. I usually would try to come up with some creative captions, but these titles are always long. No caption here because the title is enough to get the idea. Almost like a light novel title or maybe it is one of those.  These fate titles man. First it was just the simple Fate/Zero. These adaptations of this mobile game have just had ridiculous titles that fit in with the times here I suppose. The fate experience just continues with all of them and I find it fun.

To watch this one with context, the watcher must at least have watched Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia. That is at the minimum. That was the longer arc where our protagonist Ritsuka Fujimaru and his servant Mash made it into the land of Uruk where Gilgamesh and his army of servants is fighting to save humanity from the gods. It is a very cool story with a lot of dramatic turns here and there too. It also looks great as well because the animation team had a good schedule there. With that conclusion and saving of humankind, comes the ultimate time here.

This is humanity in its purest and minimal forms against the largest giant gods in the land in order to figure out humanities worth to move into the year 2017. A literal David versus Goliath sort of story which makes it as good as it is. Ritsuka is the last and worst possible master alive, but with Mash and other characters he has gone on his journey. Plus for all of this, Mash has been with him and this is her last singularity to go on here. So there is this tension of this possibly being not only saving humanity, but the ending of Fujimaru and Mash’s journey here.

In regards to the story, Solomon is very simple considering that he literally gets to this spot, beats the guy, and then saves all of humanity. That’s about it. Beat the one thing in front of you or get other people to distract the first enemy and then move onto the next one who is the stronger one and the final boss. One of my favorite kinds of arcs considering how it is a pretty standard death run scenario. What carries it is the character interactions in it. All of those cool bloody cool yells, servants appearing all over the place. There is a lot of coolness and just honesty too. I’m just saying that it does its job.

I really just enjoyed the ride of this one. It is pure fun because it knows what it wants to be about. I mean, there are so many servants from other singularities that show up and have so many excellent moments in it. That could be from Jeanne D’Arc leading everyone into a charge to just so many action moments placed into there as well here. The great last stand of Mash to eventually Ritsuka hitting and defeating the final threat by hitting it himself and ending the conflict with the smallest hit when it gets there. It shows how much he has grown on his journey. It’s generally good and comes with the fate coolness we want to have from the servants we love.

The fact that this is a fanservice film can go against it for people who are watching it for the first time. All of those minimalism elements and other ideas. As a finishing arc with those stories and other elements, a person would have either played the games or seen enough of the franchise to get something from this. It shows how far someone is into the fate series here. By itself, it’s a lot of cool flashing colors with characters that exist just to fight other monsters and things here too. But it is fun in that way too I suppose. A small, tv movie style of visual feast with a lot of colors that are as good as Babylonia that sakuga fans would probably enjoy.

Even Though, I think the simple story would make it accessible in some ways even if there are so many things that don’t make sense. Unfortunately this is the day and age everyone wants everything to make sense. There is a reason why it is a fanservice (in multiple ways) film for an obvious audience.  It wouldn’t be of value or interest for people just to watch it stand alone. It would be just one of those things that others would have forgotten the instant they watched it. Not for bad reasons, but because there is nothing to attach to a person’s head from the franchise itself. So for people who are in the know, it’s good and absolutely worth it. Not as much for those who aren’t in the know there. But it is fun and pretty good overall. 


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