Fate/Grand Order: -Moonlight/Lostroom- I don’t know what this is, but I am writing about it

I scheduled myself to write this post, but I honestly don’t feel like I have to at all? Or maybe I should because it’s so strange that it even exists. This is the sequel to the Solomon film/thing/whatever. It is a member of the Fate/Grand Order anime series experience. An epilogue of sorts to see what happens afterwards maybe. It is also a reminder of what was left behind in its own way, a mind bender, and possibly a prequel. All in about half an hour, which makes it quite an experience of its own. A very weird and non linear one.

It’s really hard to talk about a story because it couldn’t be more nonlinear if it tried. But it did feature our dear Olga Marie Animusphere who died in the first singularity and even featured some elements of Lev Lainur, the betrayer. There was a small training montage sort of thing with Olga training Fujimaru in a testing chamber, and other things. A lot of cool meetings in that specific Lostroom where characters meet. Then we see Fujimaru in that room too with Mash. A lot of specific elements that do teach us more about the cast and what is in that room for future endeavors too.

Also, there is a story focused on humanity itself still not being saved after Solomon too. Not to mention the fact that the UN is showing up and other master candidates are going to wake up too. It’s such a strange little ova with some cool bits here and there with some servant combat that just looks like a lot of fun. I loved seeing all of these together even if it’s not necessarily good. I don’t think this would have been any better if it was given more time to fully accentuate its ideas. It is all over the place in such an intriguing way that probably is supposed to blend the future and the past. 

So what else is to articulate here, but I do have to mention the weird timing this came out compared to not only just the Solomon film, but almost all of the anime adaptations of Grand/Order besides the first one. It came out second. So obviously, like First Order, this was supposed to be attached to the mobile game and sell it in a visual way for those mobile game likers here. But anime wise, it is way out of order and it’s fascinating. It just adds more questionable things into the fate watch order in these expanded universes here.

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