Weekly Seasonal Watches: Spring 2022 Anime Season Week 4

AMAIM Part 2 Episode 3

Read the episode review that Irina and I worked on here: Link

Komi Can’t Communicate Part 2 Episode 1

Such a fan way to return to this show here. Najimi has such a fun introduction into this episode too with saying the school is full of weirdos, which it is, and such. Same with Komi’s book of friend’s appearance, which is copyrighted. Then there is a good appearance of the creepy looking guy named Katai who used to be bullied, so he came back after working out really hard and dying his hair blond. Lots of cool scary vs the gap moe and Tadano seeing what kind of person he is. Then some playing games at Nakanaka’s house which was hilarious too with Yamai and her being two different people. Good times all around here too. So well directed too. Can’t wait for more.

New Legend of the Galactic Heroes Season 3 Episode 7

There is always a lot going in these episodes, even if no action happens, and its all incredible work. HIlde’s very bedridden brother gets visited by the admiral he fancies for his art and his skills. The poor guy passes out at the very sight of the admiral’s art. Then the story continues from HIlde’s perspective as she looks at Reinhard’s decision making skills and frightening toward towards using Muller for the fortress invasion with it moving at light speed in such a visual feast. The episode ends with Reinhard saying goodbye to the fortress by saying goodbye to the spot where Kircheis died. Very emotional episode all around.

Tiger and Bunny Season 2 Episode 4

I had a lot more fun with this show this week. We are still on the duo system episodes, but this episode focused on the layers of the team work between the golden Labrador Sky High and his partner, Fire Emblem. Plus some other young partners too. The flawless duo are the biggest attention getter by teaching all other parties about being partners while Tiger and Bunny are in the background with their own problems. It all culminates together after problems are revealed at the end during a press event where Fire Emblem and Sky High save the day at a shoddy building and start to get to know each other a lot better. I always liked them, so this episode made me happy.

Ultraman Season 2 Episode 3

Very simple episode. The Black Star, who want to capture Ultraman (there are five of them) and want planet Earth are fevealed with some of them clearly being failures. But on that end, the Ultramen are forming like a super sentai group. Our muscle guy, fire guy, sword guy all joined together when fighting the Black Star’s minions themselves. Some good thoughts and forgiveness towards all of them too. Like I said, a simple but fun episode again too.

Aoashi Episode 4

Soccer. Soccer is something else. That is the feeling that I get from watching this episode. The final round of the Tokyo Espirit came to being and the director’s words crushed their feelings since every player was not playing in their usual spots. Only three players who were trying out, including Aoi found the energy to keep going and eventually, at the edge of their thought process, they got a goal by working together. A great showing of growth from our young man who was driven by his team and his family to keep going. Yet, with Aoi making it into the Tokyo league who is driven by his family, he is separating from his family to pursue this sport. Lots to think about moving into next week. Great episode though. Probably my favorite one.

Spy X Family Episode 4

One could tell that the school Anya is trying to get into for operation Strix is an eastern european country or a mock up of it. They were underwatch ever since entering the gate and yet this Forger family made it through all the traps with multiple changes of clothing and got to the interview section where they were questioned in their elegance. It was also full of such wholesome moments too from this unlikely family. It was so cool, funny, and heart warming. I already know how this plot will go, but the cliff hanger was good.

Love Live! Nijigasaki Season 2 Episode 5

A lot to think about this episode because this show is trying to give us as many shippable moments as possible it seems. Or show that Lanzhu is a big tsundere who doesn’t know how to be honest. The new unit between Ayumu, Setsuna, and Shizuku form a very dramatic idol unit with a play focused on Beauty and the Beast. Then Lanzhu tries to show her concern about Yuu in her music classes while not trying to act concerned after getting so many idol pieces of merchandise from the idol store. Really cute episode all over here.

Requiem of the Rose King Episode 16

The power plays continue as Richard goes for the throne with Buckingham’s help. Man, these two are the ultimate dark couple(?) it seems. All while Queen Elizabeth is still trying to put her son on the throne still. A lot of small bits of political infighting with Catesby’s ultimate betrayal of his master for his loyalty towards Richard. Even the pure people are not immune to Richard just deciding to vibe with the toxicity he’s been trying to hold onto for a long time and is letting go. Its sad seeing this go down such a dark road, but that is Shakespeare. We all know this is going to end in tragedy, but we can enjoy and cringe as the story moves to the end. Great episode.


  1. Ultraman! I haven’t watched that in forever. It’s good to hear that the minions of the bad guys are getting a little forgiveness in this episode. I think in these modern times people are a lot more understanding for the minions and low level workers of the villains. Partly because of the Minions franchise and partly because we can all understand that things happen in life. The people that have to work as minions probably aren’t bad people, maybe the economy was struggling, the job market collapsed again, and they just couldn’t find a good job that paid a living wage. It happens.

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