(Some Announcements) Posting Daily is Too Hard

Hello everyone, just wanted to provide some blogging updates.

The first one is the new banner that I just put on my blog and a lot of my social media pages. If you haven’t seen it on my main page yet, here it is down belod. The old was getting a little tiresome and I just wanted to have Char’s Zaku focused on it because it’s still one of the coolest mecha designs from one of the coolest characters in anime.

The second one is that I will be reducing how much I blog for the foreseeable future. That doesn’t mean that I will be stopping. Far from it. Just that this will be the last week with 7 posts from this blog. I will be reducing down to 4-5 posts a week instead because even writing simple posts takes effort. I don’t know how daily bloggers do it honestly. It must take a lot of prepration.

So yeah, just M, W, Fri, then the weekend which will have 1-2 posts depending on whether the collab review I am doing with Irina appears on my blog initial or hers.

I am also putting a stop to my podcast idea because I didn’t really enjoy doing that and the original story is going back to the hanger for some rethinking. Music? That was originally an pandemic thing considering that I didn’t have a community band to go back to during that time. The community band is currently going, so that is where I will put my practicing into right now.

I felt like I was just doing too much and I need to pull back a bit. Thanks for understanding .


  1. 4 to 5 posts a week is still a lot of blogging! I only post twice a week and it feels like I’m writing posts all the time. Kudos to you for being so dedicated to your awesome blog. It’s always fun to read!

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  2. Yep 7 days is pretty rad to stick too. 4 or 5 is still pretty rad Scott!! Hobbies are good but so is breaking space and other things in your real life so you do you ☺️

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  3. I definitely get it man, I’m still getting used to a new shift so my posts have pretty much become nonexistent during the week. For a while I tried to just post a ton on the weekend and stockpile stuff for during the week but then I wasn’t having time to do any fun stuff outside of blogging so I stopped that. So I blog while I can on the weekends and if I can’t post during the week then that’s fine too. At this point I just don’t have a schedule and post whenever I can.

    No matter how you go about it, the important thing’s that you’re having a good time so hope it all goes well!

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      1. I’d say a lot of my posts are on the smaller side which helps though. Particularly all the battles since I just gotta get the pics and then figure out who’d win. I’ve definitely cut my posts pretty much in half compared to the old days. Would be awesome if we could have a few more hours in the day to do everything for sure though

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