Weekly Seasonal Watches: Spring 2022 Anime Season Week 7

AMAIM Part 2 Episode 6

Read the episode review that Irina and I worked on here: Link

Komi Can’t Communicate Part 2 Episode 4

Really cute Christmas episode. From Tadano panicking on what to do for Komi’s birthday and them hanging out over winter break to the party itself, a lot of fun and cuteness. Even Yamai didn’t get in the way either. Some really fun personal politics of seating around Komi and cute cat toys. Just a wondrful and exceptional time in the right way here too. I’m glad I watched this. It was the good relaxation that I needed for this Wednesday.

New Legend of the Galactic Heroes Season 3 Episode 10

The fortress battle begins all while Yang is not even there. Yet, the enemy thinks he is there, which is why the FPA at Iserlohn try their best. A very terrifying fortress turnabout happened as both fired their death star canons at each other. Then the empire’s forces started to mess with the Iserlohn canon and start bringing their own troops into the mix. The most exciting thing is always how these fights feel so big and full of thinking in a realistic way? No series does space battles like Legend of the Galactic Heroes whether its the older series or this one. Can’t wait to see how the battle continues in the mean time.

Tiger and Bunny Season 2 Episode 7

Oh hey, Kaede showed up with her cousin to Sternbild city. While it was under the guise of interviewing Tiger, they were interested in the hero academy. So yeah, some good family drama with Tiger actually facing what it means to be a father and wondering if he could let his daughter into the hero game. It is also very nuanced and realistic with Tiger not sure how to give his answer in the end and will have to think about it. Plus, Bunny’s scientist friend had three months to come up with a super power serum or else he’s fired. So that plot is going to lead to a conclusion probably at the end of this cour. In general, just digging this show still.

Ultraman Season 2 Episode 6 (Season Finale)

Some pretty classic sort of super hero stuff here. All really good in ways that I just generally enjoy in the best way I think? Just light hearted and cheery with more of it coming soon. In this episode, a lot of cool things happen. Shinjiro works with his father to take down a bad guy. A bad guy that is eventually stopped. Plus, all the other Ultramen got their cool moments too and all of them we reunite to save the Earth later on in season 3. Can’t wait for it.

Aoashi Episode 7

I feel like this is the true first episode of this show. Not that the last six episodes didn’t count for anything, but this is the episode where Atoshi finally realizes the stakes. He made it into Tokyo Esperion. Now, with one match he is seeing the difference between him and a lot of other people. Atoshi is a guy from the countryside and has always been skilled enough to get by in soccer in the way he wanted to.

Now, he has to learn more about the particulars of it and how to really play soccer. The other people who made it, besides the two other try out makers that barely got it in, are on different levels and Atoshi knows what his goal is. Now he has to work hard to get somewhere and be someone. No free hands out anymore, it’s about pure skill. Yes, this is the underdog story that all of us love in sports stuff. Very excited about this show going forward.

Spy X Family Episode 7

Yet another cute episode of this show. I mean, this show and cute just go together. Poor little Anya going to a school that is way over her head. Especially since someone as cute as her is being seen as a Delinquent after one punch. The small Anya trying to apologize arc with Loid just taking up different roles at school and slipping in not subtle hints for her to apologize to Damian was so cool. Plus, that seen was cute too and Damian just doesn’t want to admit his crush towards Anya. The poor after school stuff with Anya trying to study while asleep was good too. Plus the hints of the Forgers still have to try to be the best family. Yeah, every episode of this show is good.

Love Live! Nijigasaki Season 2 Episode 8

The end of the school festival has finally come and I feel like this is the episode that Lanzhu finally realized that being alone isn’t all that its about. Her song, Queendom was great, but all the love and effort that Yu found when writing a song for her club to perform was so much better because it united so many people. So this episode was her coming up with that song and that involving listening to Lanzhu and then getting help from everyone else. I think the bigger emotional honestly is what made it work so well. Every one did something and Mia Taylor did more then just eat some good burgers too. Excellent.

Requiem of the Rose King Episode 19

Still a lot of heavy things going on in this episode. From one jester who is pushing for his own place a king to Richard’s son not being related to him causing Richard trouble with his actual lover Buckingham, so many balls are in the air for this tragedy to conclude. Same with Richard finally embracing his son, Anne being really curious about what is going on, and a just a lot of things. Man. There are so many levels to the political intrigue going on that I can’t help just be so curious about it. Craziness and I love all of it.

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