Taps Across America

Happy Memorial Day Everyone! To celebrate those troops who have fallen, I have decided to actually participate in Taps Across America this year. For those who don’t know, this is a small event where people at 3 pm at whatever their time zone, play taps to celebrate those people who have fallen in the many different wars and conflicts since the United States came about. You can find more information about Taps Across America by clicking the website link.

So more about myself, I am against war. I do not like it in general in a larger picture sense, but I support the people who serve and fight because a lot of Veterans do not get the help and respect they need for serving our country. So this is how I celebrate those who have fallen along with me playing at a Memorial Ceremony yesterday with my community band.

You can here me play taps below.


    1. The lyrics for taps are so perfect fit this. If I didn’t hear them from a singing group recently, I wouldn’t have even known there were lyrics at all. Thanks for sharing.

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